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The surprising facts about dietary fiberRecommended amount of daily dietary fiber intake

The recommended amount of daily dietary fiber intake changes with age, and it can be difficult to get enough through everyday meals.
Here we compare the amount consumed through the average diet, and intake target amounts.

How much is the recommended daily dietary fiber intake?
The graph below shows Japanese dietary fiber intake by age.
The 2015 edition of the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese sets the DG (tentative dietary goal for preventing lifestyle related diseases) for people aged 18 and older at a minimum of 20 grams for men and 18 grams for women.

Survey results show that dietary fiber intake of people from teens to those in their forties is quite low (graph: Japanese Dietary Fiber Intake by Age). Even the age group with the highest intake level (people in their sixties) did not meet the DG.

Male Female
Source: Overview of the results for the 2015 National Health and Nutrition Survey

The target amount of dietary fiber intake is set as the tentative dietary goal (DG).
The intake of people between the age of 15 and 50 is very low.
The fact that the only people reaching the DG are women in their seventies and older indicates that dietary fiber is a nutrient that is difficult to get enough of.