The surprising facts about dietary fiber

How to check for insufficient dietary fiber

It can be difficult to calculate just how much dietary fiber you should get. However, there is a simple way to check if you are getting enough fiber.

Which of the following does your stool resemble?

There is no need to be concerned if you have a bowel movement every day and the amount is about 140 to 150 grams (about the equivalent of two bananas). Apart from cases in which there is a pathological cause, people who tend to be constipated suffer from diarrhea are most likely to not be getting sufficient dietary fiber.

Check your dietary fiber intake through your stool! The three conditions of the ideal stool are:

  1. 1Yellow in color
  2. 2Amount equal to two bananas and moderately soft
  3. 3Floats in the toilet

Meeting these conditions is proof that you are getting enough dietary fiber. Revise your daily diet to get closer to producing the ideal stool. If making improvements is difficult, make effective use of dietary supplements such as tablets, health drinks, powdered soups and barley from which you can easily get dietary fiber.

You can check if you are getting enough dietary fiber by looking at the condition of your stool.