Living well with menopause

Supervised by: Dr. Hiroaki Ohta.
Visiting Professor, International Medical Center, Fujita Health University Hospital; Women's Medical Centre, Sanno Medical Centre.

Women want to be as dynamic, radiant, healthy and beautiful as always during menopause, and it's clear that how women cope with menopause has an impact on their post-menopausal years. Here we share ways to stay comfortable and healthy during the menopausal years, which every woman will experience in the course of her life.

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Equol is a metabolite produced in the intestine from daidzein, a soy isoflavone. Produced in the intestine after consuming soy beans, equol has the ability to bind to the same estrogen receptors as naturally occurring estrogen. This is why the consumption of soybeans or soy isoflavones has been reported to contribute to maintaining or improving women's health and beauty; it is a benefit of equol. However, data shows that only about 50% of Japanese women can produce (and benefit from) equol, and this rate drops to 30% for European and North American women.

Electron micrograph of the lactic-acid bacilli Lactococcus 20-92
Otsuka Pharmaceutical's equol research and development

A healthy and comfortable everyday life for every woman - it was with this wish that Otsuka Pharmaceutical's equol research began in 1996. Focused on equol-producing bacteria that metabolize soy isoflavone, lactic acid bacteria Lactococcus 20-92 was discovered. After a number of tests for safety and efficacy, we released the world's first product containing equol made from soybeans fermented using safe lactic acid bacteria.