Sports nutrition

As a healthcare company, Otsuka aims to contribute to the daily maintenance and improvement of everyone's good health. We believe that exercise, sports, and nutrition are intimately linked to this goal. We strive to offer solutions to the health issues affecting people across a wide range of ages who participate in sports and exercise by providing products and information to allow anyone, not just top athletes, to maintain a safe exercise regimen. To do so, we make use of the know-how gained through our work in the pharmaceutical industry to conduct science-based R&D, and carry out sports medicine and scientific research-based education projects. For example, since 1992, we have maintained an ongoing collaboration with the Japan Sport Association to educate the public on measures to prevent heat stroke during exercise.

Public interest in sports is rising thanks to the growing focus on extending a person's healthy life span, activities of athletes on the world stage, and a series of international tournaments being held in Japan. For those who aim to achieve better health through exercise and sports, or for sports enthusiasts and athletes who wish to achieve their best and prevent injuries during regular training or games, proper nutrition management based on sports nutrition is indispensable.

In this section, we will introduce some basic knowledge about the proper nutrient intake required to support an active / athletic body. We hope this information will serve a wide range of people who are interested in sports nutrition, including those who engage in exercise and sports for health reasons, top athletes hoping to improve their performance or achieve peak physical condition, trainers and instructors, and many others.