Nutrition to support women's health

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is committed to supporting women through the many changes their bodies undergo in life. In addition to developing innovative products in this field, we share information and advice to help empower women in maintaining their health, beauty, and through that, their careers.

Women's life stages

Changes in the body during the female life cycle, and Otsuka's approach

Driven by changes in the level of the female hormone estrogen, the female body goes through three major stages in life: adolescence, maturity, and menopause, with each of these bringing differing nutritional needs. A lack of awareness of these can lead to a deterioration in physical condition.

By providing information and insight into these changes, and developing products to benefit women experiencing them, Otsuka Pharmaceutical aims to further contribute to the maintenance and improvement of women's health.

In this section, we will cover typical events and concerns that accompany each stage of the life cycle, together with related nutritional information and advice.

Nutrients that women tend to be deficient in

Dietary fiber

Nutritional information for each stage of the life cycle

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