Initiatives for children and students

Seminars that make heat disorders prevention easily understood by children and students

Led by Otsuka Pharmaceutical employees who visit schools and institutions, these seminars, which are run under the themes of "nutrition and the body" and "hydration during sports," are designed to equip large numbers of students with essential knowledge about heat disorders and prevention measures*. At the request of schools and other organizations, our staff prepare customized seminar materials including slides, pictures, and videos, and deliver interactive presentations for classes, assembly meetings and during extracurricular activity sessions.

  • *As of August 2016, the seminars have been attended by approximately 855,000 people.

Seminars provide coaches and guardians with the latest information

In addition to sessions for youth, we also provide sessions tailored to coaches and guardians to increase awareness of heat disorders in the classroom.
In recent years, in response to demand, we have incorporated elements of food education (such as the importance of eating breakfast), in addition to information on rehydration and nutritional replenishment, as a part of our efforts to combat instances of heat disorders.

The seminars have generated a great deal of feedback from participating instructors including the examples quoted below:

  • This information is easy to teach to my students since it fits nicely with the instructions that I give to go to bed early, wake up early, and eat breakfast.
  • I would like to see a health bulletin or leaflet that contains this information distributed to every household.
  • The seminar was a great opportunity to meet with others working in health education and to talk in depth about these topics.
  • Parents responded positively, expressing strong interest in the content.

Otsuka will continue to conduct these seminars to provide information to instructors, parents, and guardians as part of its work to ensure that children can have fun in a safe environment during their daily sports activities.