Otsuka People Talk

September 2015

P.T. Amerta Indah Otsuka
Singapore Country Manager

Adapting to a new environment is never an easy task, but it has given me strength and taught me the importance of understanding others.

Joined P.T. Amerta Indah Otsuka, an Otsuka affiliated company, in 2011. Worked in Indonesia for two and a half years before moving to Singapore. Currently she is in charge of increasing the recognition of POCARI SWEAT and SOYJOY in Singapore, and establishing new markets in South East Asian countries.

Developing the POCARI SWEAT and SOYJOY business in Singapore

I am Chinese Indonesian, and was born in Indonesia. After I graduated high school, I got a scholarship to study at a university in Japan, and subsequently spent a total of 9 years there.

I started my career in Indonesia, working at Amerta Indah Otsuka for two and a half years, before moving to Singapore in January 2014, where I work now.

My job here is to raise the recognition of the POCARI SWEAT and SOYJOY brands, as well as guiding overall activities in Singapore to make the business sustainable. On top of my responsibilities in Singapore, I am also involved in developing new markets in other South East Asian countries, so I travel a lot to Indonesia and other Asian countries.

People often think that South East Asian countries are all very similar because of their history and culture, but when you look at their levels of health awareness, or the stages of economic growth, you will find that each market is actually quite different. It's very important to consider what the most suitable approach is for our products to be accepted and to gain popularity in each country.

Diversity creates new ideas

Diversity is an important contributing factor in the creation of new ideas, and is what I like about Singapore. There's a population of about 5.5 million people, with foreigners accounting for over 40%.

Our team members have very different cultural backgrounds, and I try not to hire any two people with the same backgrounds.

Adapting to a new environment is never an easy task, but it has given me the most valuable lessons in life, given me the stamina to endure difficult times, and most significantly taught me the importance of understanding others.

Family is important

For me family is very important, and it's thanks to their support that I can fully concentrate on my work. I know that many working women do struggle to keep a balance between family and work, and that does also apply to me to a certain extent. I believe that the experience and confidence I gain through my work has a positive impact on my family too, and that family and work should complement each other.