Otsuka People Talk

June 2017

Product Marketing
Nutraceutical Business

My challenge was to really concentrate on my goal and achieve the results just like the full-timers as a short-time worker.

A mother working reduced hours achieved the desired results and got promoted.

Why Otsuka?

I was in the Kendo (Japanese fencing) team at university, and back then Otsuka products helped me a lot. Because of my personal experience, I chose Otsuka as I wanted to work with products that I could have confidence in.

First-time parent

During my maternity leave, I found childcare to be so much harder than I'd imagined; my view on it changed significantly from beforehand. As this was my first child, I had no "mom-friends" in the same situation to talk to, and it was a period of countless first-time experiences.

Although I used to work from morning to night, since I came back from maternity leave I have been working reduced hours so as to not put any burden on my family and children. My day isn't over when I finish work because after that I need to pick up my children from day-care, cook dinner and feed them, bathe them and put them to bed... Fitting everything in is a big challenge, and something I still find tough.

Focusing on reaching goals in a shorter workday

My family and I believe that health should always come first, and that our work stands on the foundation of the family. However, for the 3 years that I was on reduced working hours, I challenged myself to still achieve the same results as my full-time colleagues, something that was only possible with the help of the people around me. In the end, not only was I able to do this, but I was delighted to actually receive a promotion based on my results.

Sometime after I was promoted, I was transferred to a different department, and it was while working there that I took maternity leave for my second child. Following that, I was given the role of supporting others so that they can more work more comfortably and effectively. So now I'm focused on dealing with other people at work, and then dealing with my children at home. Although it's still quite tough, this fits my style, and it's worth it.

When I returned to work following my first period of maternity leave, I was trying too hard; I felt like I was always having to run short distance sprints. But now I've decided to relax a little, and rest when needed, something that's vital to maintain my health and keep going in the long term.

My husband is now living away from home due to work commitments, which leaves me to run the house. While he used to be able to help by taking our first child to day care, that's no longer the case, although I do still have the support of my parents-in-law who live nearby and can pick up the children when needed.

Work-life balance is the key

When your work has great meaning, it's only natural to want to work late to get it done. Of course, work is important, but if you also have a rich and fulfilled private life, you can adapt what you learn there to improve your work life too-it's a virtuous cycle.
If you'd like to continue working after having children, I would advise to continue to prioritize your family. My motto is that if you're not healthy you can't work or play well, so it's essential to maintain both you and your family's health, which will then allow you to be most effective in your work.
Perhaps it's because it's Otsuka that everyone is health conscious. For example, colleagues understand the situation if my child has a fever and I have to leave work early to go and pick them up. I really appreciate that.