Otsuka People Talk

October 2017

Medical Representative (MR)

It makes me happy to know that my work helps patients, and I appreciate having my achievements recognized.

An interview with a fifth-year employee on her passion for the Medical Representative position.

Why Otsuka?

When I was still a student at pharmaceutical college, I had the idea that I wanted to be a pharmacist. But, during my fourth year, my professor strongly recommended that I become an MR, telling me that my personality was better suited for that position. Following that I decided to do as he suggested. I was particularly interested in the central nervous system and cancer, so I narrowed my employment choices down to companies that were strong in those fields. Of those, I felt drawn to Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which is well-loved by many people for products such as POCARI SWEAT and ORONAMIN C. That's why in the end I chose Otsuka.

The attraction of the MR role

As an MR, I visit hospitals and private clinical practices. Although I still lack experience, I'm always trying to learn from the doctors that I work with. I know that my work helps patients, and, from a sales perspective, the work is enjoyable because your efforts affect the numbers you generate, and you also get direct feedback for the work you do. I'm a very competitive person and wanted to be the top salesperson for a particular product - I ended up ranking first for 18 consecutive months at our branch office. However, I think this was only possible because of the motivation that came from the support of my associates and careful evaluation of my work.

A first project well done

I was put in charge of working with a large hospital, and decided that I wanted to hold some sort of event there; this became the first ever seminar event held by Otsuka Pharmaceutical. I talked with my superiors and the doctors I worked with in order to organize the event, and needed the cooperation of all levels of staff at the hospital in order to set up the seminar. The event was held in the third spring after I had joined the company. It was a lot of hard work, but it also gave me the chance to work with all sorts of different people. Overall the project was a success, attracting many new customers; the doctors were happy with content of the seminar and we've held it every year since.

The appeal of working for Otsuka

Otsuka Pharmaceutical gives its employees a lot of freedom. The company environment is organized to let you do what you want to do. There's also freedom in the sense that veteran employees and your superiors do not oppose the pursuit of your own vision. The company culture supports anyone who is willing to work hard, regardless of age or gender. There are many group companies too, and the opportunity to work with all sorts of people is another part of what attracts me to Otsuka Pharmaceutical. As for my future goals, I want to double my current results! This market has huge potential, and I believe there's still a lot more I can do.