Otsuka People Talk

December 2017

Sales of Healthcare Products, Nutraceuticals Division

By visiting their stores, I can get a clear understanding of the situation, and then create proposals that best suit that. A good proposal for one branch can then spread to many other branches; this makes my job very rewarding.

This young employee joined Otsuka because she wanted to work for a company that contributes to human health. Her client company has stores nationwide, and she is working hard to provide them with the very best proposals.

Why did you choose Otsuka?

For one thing, my mother was health-conscious. Although I was healthy for a long time, when I was in college and living alone I easily got sick. I also saw my grandmother suffer from heat disorder; these experiences helped me realize how important good health really is. I wanted to help people stay healthy, and saw Otsuka as a company where I could think about and work for the benefit of people's health.

What's the appeal of being a Sales Representative?

I deal with the headquarters of a drugstore chain that operates across a wide area. I create and propose plans to the buyer, and explain our products to them. In the beginning, my proposals were rarely accepted; it was very difficult. Each company has its own characteristics and direction, so I visit their stores to see what's on their shelves, talk with the staff, and get feedback from customers. I can then assess what might appeal to that company, and based on that develop a proposal. If a well-thought proposal is accepted, it can then spread to branches nationwide, which makes it very rewarding for me.

What job experience have you had?

I've worked in sales ever since joining Otsuka. In my third year, I was assigned to manage te handling of all the drugstors, supermarkets, and school vendors of a whole city.With Otsuka, the job doesn't end when our products make it into the stores. We are very active in promoting product sales by educating the public about the benefits of our products; we think carefully about how we can encourage customers to choose our products. For example, we had a product that we wanted customers to become aware of. However, we couldn't make them fully understand its benefits just by putting it on a store shelf, so we developed a PR strategy from scratch, which focused on getting the product to the people who needed it. We decided to bring in a professional instructor and Otsuka's nutritionist, and requested their help in creating a program. I joined Otsuka because I wanted to be involved in human health, but beside from promoting the benefits of the products, I also wanted to convey relevant health information. Planning all of that really motivated me, as customers could learn not only about the product's benefits, but also about exercising and health. The customers who took part in that program really appreciated it, and felt the benefits in their daily lives.

How would you describe Otsuka?

The company is very confident in its products, and it really cares about people's health when making them. Besides having supporting evidence for the product, relevant health information is also provided.Dealing with the retailer's headquarters as I do is a major responsibility. There are various challenges and difficulties, but I get a lot of encouragement from co-workers, superiors, staff in other departments, and those who joined the company at the same time as me. With their help, I make progress every day and enjoy my job a lot. I keep thinking about my client company and want to produce even more examples of how their customers can use Otsuka products for better health going forwards.