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About OtsukaFactory Overview

Producing high-quality products and working in harmony with each local community

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has seven factories in Japan. While always striving to build completely harmonious relationships with the natural environment and the local community, all of the factories have acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management. They consistently produce high-quality products with safety and efficiency.

Tokushima Factory

Major products produced

ABILIFY oral solution (antipsychotic), Hi-z tablets and fine granules (γ-oryzanol preparation), Pletaal powder(antiplatelet agent), Mikelan ophthalmic solution (β-blocker ophthalmic solution), Meptin dry syrup (bronchodilator), Lorelco tablets and fine gradules (Hyperlipidemia agent), UBIT tablets (Diagnostic agent for H.pylori infection)
Nutraceutical business products

Takeshi Matsuda, Factory Manager

The Tokushima Factory, which is surrounded by the clean waters and nature of the Yoshino River, has a history dating back to the commencement of pharmaceuticals manufacturing in 1970 and POCARI SWEAT in 1980. The factory, which manufactures pharmaceutical formulations for overseas markets, is operated with the global environment and customer safety first in mind. For example, we switched from using a specified chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) to a CFC replacement in our product Meptin Air (bronchodilator) and in 2014 we also used a CFC replacement in our newly-designed, dry-powder inhaler Meptin Swinghaler.

Employees also hold coastal cleanups every June, which is Environment Month in Japan. Our employees are united in working diligently in manufacturing whilst also cultivating strong relationships with the local community.

Second Tokushima Factory

Major products produced

Active pharmaceutical ingredients
Pletaal OD tablets (antiplatelet agent), ABILIFY tablets, ABILIFY powder, ABILIFY OD tablets (antipsychotic), Meptin tablets, Meptin-mini tablets (bronchodilator), Mikelan tablets (β-blocker), Mikelan LA capsules (antihypertension agent)
Nutraceutical business products
Calorie Mate Can, theCALCIUM

Hisayuki Tsujimori, Factory Manager

The Second Tokushima Factory was set up to compound active pharmaceutical ingredients for Otsuka‘s proprietary pharmaceuticals, and we began manufacturing nutraceutical business products and pharmaceutical formulations later. Our strength in pharmaceuticals is our integrated production capabilities that range from active pharmaceutical ingredients through to formulation. We have a technology and research department for active pharmaceutical ingredients, a compounding plant and manufacturing lines in our factory. We also manufacture nutraceutical business products with the same approach that we use for pharmaceuticals, and we are Otsuka Pharmaceutical's only factory that manufactures all three types of products-active pharmaceutical ingredients (including sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients), pharmaceutical formulations, and nutraceutical business products.

Our factory, surrounded by green trees and lawns, is located in the pharmaceutical industrial park in Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima with the Tokushima Factory. We constantly strive to not only ensure high product quality, but also safety and environmentally-friendly production.

Tokushima Wajiki Factory

Major products produced

Nutraceutical business products
Calorie Mate Block, Equelle

Takafumi Matsutani, Factory Manager

Tokushima Wajiki Factory was conceived as a factory park that is integrated with the community and harmonizes with nature. Employees interact with local people through factory tours, adopt-a-river activities for the Nakagawa River and free, outdoor concerts. Inside the grounds of our factory, we have also embodied this concept not only with our beautiful weeping cherries, but also by planting other lush green trees.

Our factory is surrounded by scenic spots, including the famous Wajiki Line stream, and we work to preserve our environment. We have increased the recycling rate for waste plastic and achieved zero emissions (zero waste).
In August 2016, the Japan Space Agency, JAXA, listed Calorie Mate BLOCK (cheese flavor) as a certified space food for Japanese astronauts. Calorie Mate was originally conceived based on the concept of space food. In the near future, it is hoped that it will be used on a space mission.
Whether consumed in space or on Earth, Calorie Mate reflects Otsuka's commitment to quality, safety, cost, and the environment.

Tokushima Itano Factory

Major products produced

Mucosta tablets (anti-gastritis & anti-gastric ulcer agent), Mucosta ophthalmic suspension (therapeutic agent for dry eye), Samsca (vasopressin V2 receptor antagonist), Deltyba (multidrug-resistant tuberculosis)
Nutraceutical business products
SOYJOY, SOYJOY Crispy, SoyCarat

Ryo Harima, Factory Manager

The Tokushima Itano Factory is at the foot of the Asan mountain range, with a view of the Tokushima Plain, and manufactures Soylution products (SOYJOY, SOYJOY Crispy and SoyCarat) and pharmaceuticals. Since we began operating in 1999, our factory has always been conceived as a people- and environmentally friendly plant that is open to the community. We have built a biotope pond on our park-style factory grounds, which is a habitat for a variety of species and which reflects nature in all its glory. Our factory pursues ongoing environmentally friendly initiatives alongside efforts to cosponsor events and local beautification projects with the community.

Saga Factory

Major products produced

Active pharmaceutical ingredients
Nutraceutical business products

Mitsuteru Haraguchi, Factory Manager

Based on a concept of “life, nature, living,” the Saga Factory approaches production and environmental conservation activities with the aim of being an intelligent factory park that achieves harmony with people and the environment, and is a leading model factory that disseminates technology and brings people together.

We manufacture and ship 500ml PET bottles of POCARI SWEAT and POCARI SWEAT ION WATER, in addition to jelly products for Calorie Mate, Fibe-Mini and JogMate throughout Japan. In the area of active pharmaceutical ingredients, we have developed systems than can deliver not only to the U.S. and Asia but around the world.

We have maintained the ratio of green areas on the grounds at about 50%, and in 2003 we received the Green Plant Award from Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. We have also introduced an Occupational Health & Safety Management System to promote safety and health activities, and in 2005 we received the Encouragement Award from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of our efforts.

Takasaki Factory

Major products produced

Nutraceutical business products

Kazuyuki Sakabayashi, Factory Manager

The Takasaki Factory is located in a lush natural environment alongside the clear waters of the Tone River with views of Akagi, Haruna and Myogi, Gunma's three major mountains. We began manufacturing POCARI SWEAT in 1989. We use quality water sourced from Mount Haruna in manufacturing, and we apply the rigorous quality management techniques developed for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals to the raw materials and products we use as we focus on safety and security in production.

In our production activities we also aim to be a low-environmental risk factory that addresses global-scale environmental problems from the early stages of manufacturing. For example, in 2007 we began production of POCARI SWEAT with eco-bottles that are 30% lighter than the previous ones, making effective use of finite resources.

Fukuroi Factory

Major products produced

Nutraceutical business products

Mitsuo Fukuda, Factory Manager

At the Fukuroi Factory, we mainly manufacture PET bottles of POCARI SWEAT. The factory is located midway on the east-west transport corridor, the Tokaido. The bullet train passes by the factory, and seen from the window of the train, the factory with its wide grassy slope and POCARI SWEAT image on the exterior, looks to be in harmony with its surroundings.

Our factory has mainly manufactured products in PET bottles, including POCARI SWEAT, since 1996. We were the first to introduce positive-pressure aseptic filling technology into our production process, and currently we produce 500ml eco-friendly POCARI SWEAT PET bottles. Of the seven domestic factories, we ship the greatest quantity of POCARI SWEAT. We have been deeply conscious of environmental conservation activities and our relationship with the local area since the factory was completed. In addition to activities to improve productivity and energy conservation, we have planted many trees, such as Japanese crape myrtle and cherry, as well as planting greenery in fun shapes, such as map gardens and turf monuments. Our award-winning factory welcomes over 10,000 visitors every year.