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CSRListening to our customers

Customer support services

Drug Information Center

The Drug Information Center answers questions about our pharmaceutical products. This center receives some 65,000 calls from medical institutions and patients each year and provides easy-to-understand explanations of the proper usage for pharmaceutical products. Opinions and requests are shared among teams of experts to help improve Otsuka Pharmaceutical products and customer service.

Customer Relations Desk,
Planning and Reliability Promotion Office

The Customer Relations Desk in the Planning and Reliability Promotion Office answers customer questions from customers about cosmetics, quasi-drugs and over-the-counter-drugs. The information the desk receives via telephone, email, and letters is compiled and used to increase customer satisfaction by improving instruction booklets and enhancing the products themselves.

Customer Service Office

The Customer Service Office answers questions from customers about the company's beverages, food products, and supplements. Customer opinions and suggestions are answered promptly and attentively by several satellite offices located across Japan. We value our customers' voices, and share opinions internally to help improve the company's business activities.

Telephone Service Center

The Telephone Service Center responds to out-of-office-hours calls from customers to ensure that customer questions are answered and their opinions are heard no matter the time of day.