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Initiatives for Quality

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is dedicated to the rigorous pursuit of product safety and reliability, backed by a quality policy that is grounded in our corporate philosophy.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Quality Policy

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide

  1. 1Manufacture products from the perspective of the customer
  2. 2Provide customers with clearly presented information
  3. 3Take the views of customers seriously
  4. 4Place the highest priority on customers' safety while making every effort to provide them with peace of mind
  5. 5Conduct all actions ethically and fully comply with laws and regulations

In Pursuit of True Craftsmanship

Otsuka Pharmaceutical values expertise, ingenuity, and a thoughtful approach in its pursuit of craftsmanship and the development of production technologies.

The company is committed to contributing to the global environment and to society. It is also committed to delivering products that offer value to its customers, by enhancing product quality, reducing CO2 emissions and improving productivity. Otsuka Pharmaceutical focuses on improving craftsmanship and expertise by continuing to develop new technologies, constantly adjusting its conceptual approach, and introducing initiatives that contribute to the global environment. The company recognizes the importance of fostering human resources who are able to be attentive to the needs of society. It pursues communication with customers through the Otsuka product line, recognizes the changing needs of society, and incorporates these elements into product manufacturing and environmental measures.

Ensuring reliable quality in products regulated under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act*1

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has a system in place to ensure that the company delivers only safe, high-quality products in full compliance with all laws and regulations, giving customers the assurance they need to use these products with peace of mind. The company has established a Headquarters for Product Safety and Quality Assurance to strengthen measures related to product quality and safety and to provide a clearly defined structure to ensure that its market responsibilities as a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals are upheld. The Headquarters exercises direct supervision over all related departments and divisions. In addition to collecting and centrally managing quality and safety information from medical practitioners and customers, the Headquarters works with related departments to resolve problems and provide information on correct product usage, to secure the reliability of products.

  1. 1Products regulated under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act: Pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices.

ISO22000 and FSSC22000 food safety management

Qualifying for global standards for food safety management systems such as ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 reflect a company's robust initiatives for quality and safety, in this era of globalization and rising interest in food safety. Systems are in place at Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Takasaki factory, Fukuroi factory and Saga factory having received ISO 22000, and FSSC 22000 certification at Tokushima Itano factory, and all production facilities ensure the manufacture and stable supply of high-quality products under the concept of Food Safety and Reassurance.