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Otsuka Group Initiatives Related to COVID-19

Prepared in November 2020

We mourn the loss of those who have died from infection by COVID-19, extend our deep sympathies to families and friends of those lost, and wish survivors speedy and permanent recoveries. We also wish to express our enduring gratitude to medical professionals and all other people who make great efforts and sacrifices to support the sick and contain the further spread of infection.

Otsuka group companies around the world are also are playing a part to help contain the spread of infection and alleviate the hardships, putting the health and safety of people first, consistent with our corporate philosophy.

  1. 1Social contributions
  2. - In Japan, donations of Otsuka-made drinks, as well as other products such as masks and protective clothing, via municipalities and related organizations
    - Outside Japan, donations of Otsuka-made products such as functional drinks, bottled water, and medicines, as well as financial contributions, for use by local medical facilities, the Red Cross, local NGOs, and other institutions
  3. 2Product-related
  4. ■ New product offering
  5. - Launch in Japan of Quick Navi™ - COVID-19 Ag, a diagnostic test kit for COVID-19, with Denka Company, Limited
  6. ■ Manufacturing and distribution
  7. - Further strengthening of business continuity planning (BCP) to maintain a stable supply system and advance technological development for labor saving
    - Maintenance of a stable supply chain through steady procurement of raw materials while ensuring the safety of employees in manufacturing and distribution
  8. ■ Sales
  9. Pharmaceutical Business
    - Provision of information to healthcare professionals through enhanced use of IT tools
    - Enhanced support for the start and continuation of treatment in circumstances where patients are visiting medical institutions less frequently
  10. Nutraceutical Business and others
    - Provision of high-value-added information remotely to health professionals and other interested parties
    - Support for improvement of people's health rooted in programs in each region
  11. 3Measures to prevent the spread of infection and other support for our employees
  12. ■ Safety of employees
  13. - Strive to maintain business continuity while ensuring the safety of employees through daily confirmations of health status for employees in manufacturing and implementation of a work-from-home policy, in principle, for other employees, supported by new work methods and styles
    - Infection prevention measures, including behavioral changes in daily life to minimize infection risk
    - Creation of a COVID-19 infection prevention manual by the manufacturing department, which in turn supported the implementation of workplace programs such as regular measurement of body temperature, staggered lunch-time scheduling, and redesign of space usage in order for people to avoid closed, crowded and close-contact settings