Initiatives for Sports Instructors

Interest in heat disorders is increasing in the classroom, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical has received more requests to conduct seminars for instructors, as well as for students. To answer this need, the company introduced the Otsuka Academy Open Seminar School for Instructors in fiscal 2011 to provide information to teachers, parents, and instructors.

Otsuka Academy Open Seminar School for Instructors

The role of on-site sports leadership is becoming increasingly important for the safe enjoyment of sports for everyone from children to adults, and to increasing competitive strength in everyone from beginners to top athletes. Otsuka has collaborated with the Japan Sport Association to provide information about sports nutrition to some 170,000 people nationwide in nutrition classes and workshops for certified sports leaders, based on the latest research data and knowledge from Otsuka's research laboratories. By sharing the latest information that sports leaders can apply in the field, everything from preventing heatstroke by replenishing water and electrolytes to nutrition for conditioning that reduces fatigue and builds up immunity, we hope to contribute to promoting sports activities and creating healthier lifestyles through sports.