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About OtsukaTransparency Guidelines for the Relationship
between Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Medical Institutions

Purpose of the Guidelines

In keeping with our corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide,” our mission is to continue supporting medical care and health worldwide through the ongoing development and regular supply of new pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for better health. To fulfill this mission, Otsuka Pharmaceutical pursues diverse activities ranging from collaboration and cooperation with university research and medical institutions to basic medical and pharmaceuticals research, clinical development, and information provision and collection after products are manufactured and distributed.
These industry-university partnerships have enabled Otsuka Pharmaceutical to contribute to advancements in the life sciences including in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, while more such advances are needed in the future.
At the same time, Otsuka Pharmaceutical must secure a level of transparency in its relationships with research and medical institutions and adhere to high ethical standards, in order for these relationships to be accepted so that we may continue contributing to health worldwide through industry-university partnerships.

Basic Stance

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is committed to ensuring the transparency of its relationships with medical institutions, in accordance with the guidelines and spirit of the Member Company Charter, Compliance Program Guidelines, and Code of Practice of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA), in all aspects of our activities from research and development to marketing.

Disclosure of Funding Provided to Medical Institutions

Otsuka Pharmaceutical discloses funding provided to medical institutions under industry-university partnerships at its website, based on the following guidelines.

1. Method of Disclosure

Information is disclosed at the website of Otsuka Pharmaceutical, or via other media channels that we use for public relations.

2. Timing of Disclosure

Funding of medical institutions in fiscal 2012 and beyond is disclosed following the release of the financial statements for the previous fiscal year (fiscal 2013 and beyond). However, the number of cases of manuscript writing fees and amounts will be disclosed from fiscal 2014, as it applies to fiscal 2013.

3. Scope of Disclosure

The scope of disclosure will adhere to the following guidelines, according to one of five classifications.