Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

October 23, 2013

Get the Dietary Fiber That is Missing From Your Diet*1With a Healthy Combination of Cereal Grains
Otsuka Launches the New Products "Gerblé Multicereal Chocolate" and "Gerblé Multicereal Apricot"

  • On November 11, Otsuka launched two new types of cereal products from its Gerblé FIBRES Series, the number one health food brand in France.*2 One packet of Gerblé is packed with 4 or 5 types of cereal grains, such as oats and rye, and supplies the dietary fiber that is missing from the diets of Japanese women.*1
  • Dietary fiber acts to keep the digestive system in good order, but with recent changes in the Japanese diet, Japanese have been getting less and less dietary fiber. These new products combine the sweetness of chocolate and the refreshing flavor of apricot with cereal grains to provide a delicious, convenient source of dietary fiber.
  • Now with two new products added, Gerblé consists of 15 products in total over 4 series.

On November 11, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Corporate Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Taro Iwamoto) launched "Gerblé Multicereal Chocolate" and "Gerblé Multicereal Apricot," which include 4 and 5 types of cereal grains, respectively, from its Gerblé FIBRES Series, the number one health food brand in France in terms of market share.*2

  • *1The dietary fiber deficit in the diets of Japanese women compared to the recommended intake (Japanese women need an extra 3.1 g of dietary fiber (2011): According to the Japanese dietary guidelines (2010 edition), the target dietary fiber intake is at least 19 g per day for men and at least 17 g per day for women, but the amounts that men and women age 20 years and over typically receive is 14.4 g for men and 13.9 g for women [2011 National Health and Nutrition Survey].)
  • *2IRI Value Share of market - nov 2012