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April 17, 2018

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


"Awake Refreshed, Revitalized"
Kenja-no-Kaimin Sleep Rhythm Support, with a Foods with Function Claim, Now Available throughout Japan

20180417_1_01.jpgOtsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has announced the expansion of the marketing area in Japan for Kenja-no-Kaimin Sleep Rhythm Support (The Wise Man's Sleep Solution). As of April 24, 2018 it will be available at drugstores through Japan.

This innovative product possesses the Foods with Function Claim from the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan based on the regulation of sleep-wake rhythms and enhancement of the quality of sleep (support refreshed, revitalized awakening).

People have "internal clocks" that regulate their natural biological rhythms. Discrepancies between these biological rhythms and actual lifestyle rhythms can lead to conditions that resemble jetlag. Concerned with disruptions in biological rhythms, Otsuka Pharmaceutical conducted human clinical tests of the effects of asparagus-derived proline-containing -3-alkyl diketopiperazines (christened "aspara-prolines")*1, ingredients extracted from asparagus stems by heat and enzyme-treatment. Testing confirmed that aspara-prolines functioned to improve sleep-wake rhythms and promote refreshed, revitalized awakening for individuals suffering from disparities in weekday and weekend sleep-wake rhythms (social jetlag).

Diversification of lifestyles has led to an increase in sleep disorders. In a survey conducted by Otsuka Pharmaceutical,*2 40% of respondents indicated a one-hour or more disparity between weekday and weekend awakening times. Among them, 40% of those indicating a disparity of two hours or more complained of dull awakening and lingering physical fatigue in the morning, while approximately 30% suffered from "Monday blues." Disruption of sleep rhythms attributed to staying up late on weeknights and rising late on weekends can affect performance at work and influence the quality of leisure time.

Containing aspara-prolines as the ingredients associated with function claims, Kenja-no-Kaimin Sleep Rhythm Support offers: (1) enhanced quality of sleep (refreshed, revitalized awakening); (2) regulation of sleep-wake rhythms; (3) a rested, energetic back-to-work (Monday morning) feeling; and (4) alleviation of overly early awakening.

Since the start of test marketing in May 2017, the "refreshed, revitalized awakening" function of Kenja-no-Kaimin Sleep Rhythm Support has earned a following among active individuals in their 40s and 50s who are busy with work and family responsibilities, leading to the decision to expand to nationwide marketing in Japan. Through Kenja-no-Kaimin Sleep Rhythm Support, Otsuka Pharmaceutical will continue to contribute to refreshed, revitalized awakening to support rested, productive daily cycles.

  1. 1Asparagus-derived Proline-3-alkyl diketopiperazine(as cyclo (L-leucyl-L-prolyl), cylco (L-phenylalanyl-L-prolyl), cyclo (L-tyrosyl-L-prolyl)
  2. 2Online survey related to sleep disorders (survey date: September 26, 2016; survey target: 1,000 men and women, aged 20s - 60s; valid responses: 807 (345 men, 462 women) commissioned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical (survey conducted by Rakuten Research). Social Jetlag Time is calculated based on the disparity between midpoints of sleep intervals on weekdays and weekdays.

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