Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

June 16, 2020

Introduction of Set of Heat Disorder-related Teaching Materials:
"Get Back That Sweat! Preventing Heat Disorders Together"

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Makoto Inoue) has begun providing a set of heat disorder-related teaching materials for middle school classrooms. Titled, "Get Back That Sweat! Preventing Heat Disorders Together," the teaching materials will be provided free of charge.

Produced in conjunction with ARROWS Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan), which develops original course materials for classroom use under the SENSEI YononakaGaku*1 brand, the set of materials will include slides, videos, and review tests introducing the mechanisms that cause heat disorders, methods for prevention and countermeasures. By providing middle schools throughout Japan with teaching materials for heat disorder classes, the initiative aims to achieve "zero heat disorder incidents" among students.

■Developmental Background • Goals

Despite increased awareness and concern about heat disorders as a direct effect of climate change, the incidence of heat disorders continues to increase. Though references to "heat disorders" can be found in health and physical education guidelines, textbooks do not contain detailed information, and expansion of classes in heat disorder awareness and prevention is seen as an effective way to address this issue.

At the same time, diversification of teachers' responsibilities and long working hours have become a focus of concern, and development of teaching materials is a significant burden for overworked educators.

This background triggered the idea of maximizing Otsuka Pharmaceutical experience in promoting public awareness of heat disorders and ARROWS expertise in developing course materials, with the aim of creating and introducing teaching materials that would engage the interest of students while combining reliable information and ease of use.

Working together with educators to create a framework for ongoing dissemination of accurate information regarding heat disorder prevention and countermeasures in the classroom will support better understanding, helping to achieve the aim of "zero heat disorder incidents" among students.

■Overview of Teaching Materials

Features:Integrating ARROWS expertise in development of course materials and Otsuka Pharmaceutical experience with heat disorders, the set of teaching materials is designed to be easy for educators to use and enjoyable for students to learn from.

Set title: "Get Back That Sweat! Preventing Heat Disorders Together"

Set content: ① Course overview (teaching plan) ② Video materials ③ Classroom slides ④ Course workbook ⑤ Review tests

Delivery method: The set of materials will be announced and made available to teachers registered with Arrows "SENSEI NOTE" (educator community platform)*2. The materials will be provided free of charge.

Target: Middle school educators throughout Japan (health and physical education / school nurses)

Classroom Slides:

Slides will provide information conceived to resonate with the student audience, ranging from human ability to adapt, trivia related to sweat, and examples of actual heat disorder incidents in schools.

Video Classroom:

Resembling a simulation game, video materials encourage students to enjoy learning, with explanations of school-related situations with a high potential for heat disorders and points for prevention.

■About ARROWS Inc. (in Japanese)

Engaged in development and operation of SENSEI NOTE, Japan's largest online platform for information sharing among educators nationwide. In 2017, began partnering with leading companies to develop and deliver original course materials under the SENSEI YononakaGaku brand.

*1 SENSEI YononakaGaku (in Japanese)

Service that provides original course materials based on expertise of leading Japanese and international corporations free-of-charge to educators.

*2 SENSEI NOTE (in Japanese)

Interactive information-sharing service linking more than 10,000 educators throughout Japan.