Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

February 1, 2022

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Certified as Sports Yell Company for 5th Consecutive Year
- Collaboration among Otsuka Group Companies to Support Employees' Ongoing Fitness Efforts -


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otsuka) has been named a 2022 Sports Yell Company, a certification granted by the Japan Sports Agency to corporations that actively encourage participation in sports to promote employee fitness and health. Recognized for five consecutive years since establishment of the program in 2017, Otsuka has earned "Bronze" level certification.

Online distribution of POCARI/fresh exercise sessions
Otsuka employees participating in POCARI SWEAT Run virtual running event

The Japan Sports Agency "Sports Yell Company" certification recognizes companies that actively promote and support measures to improve employees' health through sport. Over the years, Otsuka has consistently encouraged opportunities for fitness in the workplace and at home. Beginning in 2020, the company has provided online distribution of workplace "refresh exercise" sessions to encourage participation by employees engaged in remote work and sponsored walking rallies using smartphone apps to track participants' progress. In 2021, Otsuka employees participated in POCARI SWEAT Run virtual running events organized by overseas Otsuka group companies, creating opportunities for inter-group communication and supporting employees and their families in maintaining exercise regimens. These and other initiatives to support employee health and wellbeing have been recognized with the 2022 Sports Yell Company certification.

Collaborative Initiatives to Encourage Participation in Sports Implemented in 2021


Weekly "refresh exercise" sessions held at offices and factories were also made available through online distribution to employees engaged in remote work. Proper form and posture and messages of encouragement were delivered through email newsletters, encouraging employees and their families to participate from home.

Walking rallies with smartphone app Walking rallies use a smartphone pedometer app that tracks and manages the number of steps. Various individual and group prizes are awarded to encourage and recognize the accomplishments of participants.

Virtual Running

Beginning in 2021, Otsuka employees participated in virtual running events organized by overseas Otsuka group companies using smartphone apps to encourage participation from around the world. This event provided an opportunity to foster exercise habits and also promoted communication among employees in various locations.

Otsuka issued the first Otsuka Pharmaceutical Declaration on Health in January 2017. To coincide with the appointment of Makoto Inoue as President and Representative Director in March 2020, a new Declaration on Health was adopted to clarify the company's stance on employee health-related issues. Otsuka believes that it is important for each and every employee to be able to work with vigor and good health. With this goal in mind, Otsuka implements a variety of initiatives including health seminars and exercise programs to promote understanding of health issues and encourage employees to take an active role in preventing illness and enhancing their own health.

Otsuka will continue to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people everywhere, including employees and their families.

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