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March 25, 2022

Packaging for a Sustainable Future
POCARI SWEAT to Introduce Recycled PET for Bottles from Spring 2022

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otsuka) has announced the spring 2022 introduction of POCARI SWEAT in PET bottles made with 30% recycled PET resin*1. As the technology develops, the company plans to introduce recycled PET containers for other beverages*2 in stages.
The new recycled PET bottles are predicted to result in an annual reduction of 1,000 tons of plastic made from petroleum-based materials, equal to an approximately 2,800-ton reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.*3


Otsuka led the industry with the development of bottling technology to reduce environmental impact*4 that led to the 2007 introduction of POCARI SWEAT and other beverages in light-weight PET eco-bottles. Subsequent technological developments aimed at reduction of beverage packaging materials have resulted in the introduction of light-weight bottle caps, thinner labels, and label-free bottles. The company is continuing to develop a variety of environmentally conscious sustainable initiatives in both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical business fields.
The Otsuka Group as a whole has been strengthening its efforts in the environmental field.

●Nutraceutical Business-related Environmentally Conscious Products (in Japanese)

●Pharmaceutical Business-related Environmentally Conscious Products (in Japanese)

  1. *1PET resin reproduced from collected PET bottles
  2. *2Pocari Sweat 500ml and 300ml (including label-less bottles) manufactured at Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Fukuroi and Takasaki factory
  3. *3Estimate based on 2022 production plans
  4. *4News release,
    April 9, 2007:Japan's first positive pressure sterile bottling method achieves 30% weight reduction for Pocari Sweat 500ml PET bottles/Bottle weight of 18g is lightest in domestic production (in Japanese)
    July 13, 2009:Pocari Sweat 500ml PET Bottle /Awarded 2007 Minister of the Environment Containers and Packaging 3R Promotion Grand Prix (in Japanese)

【Otsuka Group Environmental Initiatives】

1. Based on the 2050 Environmental Vision of "net zero," the Otsuka group has identified three material issues for environmental initiatives and has formulated a group-wide Environmental Policy to be applied to business activities.
(Otsuka Group's Environmental Policy:

2.To address the material issue of circular economy, the Otsuka Group Plastic Policy was formulated in 2020. The policy stipulates a global goal of 100% use of recycled and plant-based materials for PET bottles used for consumer products by 2030, aiming to use only packaging that supports a sustainable society and eliminating the use of plastics made from petroleum-based materials by the year 2050.
(Otsuka Group Plastic Policy:
Other environmental initiatives include introduction of CO2-free electricity*5 at all manufacturing facilities and adoption of Green Power at all offices of five Otsuka group subsidiary companies*6 in Japan.

3.Otsuka group companies will continue to actively promote environmental education in cooperation with local communities in Japan and overseas.

【Otsuka Group Environmental Goals】

The Otsuka group has established a 2050 Environmental Vision of net zero, which aims to reduce the total environmental impact of our business activities to zero. Based on this vision, the Otsuka group has set mid-term targets for three material issues for environmental initiatives and is working to achieve these targets through group-wide collaboration.

MaterialityOverviewTargetsRelated SDGs

Carbon Neutrality

Sustainable energy use
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from business activities to virtually zero (emissions equal to absorption)
  • 2028 targets: reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2017

Circular Economy

Sustainable raw materials use
Recycle resources by reusing waste discharged from business activities as new raw materials (minimization of waste)
  • 2028 targets: 50% reduction in simple incineration and landfill disposal compared to 2019
  • 2030 targets: 100% use of recycled and plant-derived materials for PET bottles

Water Neutrality

Sustainable use of water resources
Eliminate the impact on water resources of water intake and discharge from business activities (exist in harmony with local water resources)
  • 2028 targets: Expand plant water management programs to all global locations
  • 2028 targets: Develop water-use strategies for businesses located in water-stressed areas

(Revised February 2022)


Please refer to "Environment" section of Otsuka Holdings Integrated Report2020

Looking to the future, members of the Otsuka group of companies will continue to work together with local communities to achieve a carbon-free, ultimately sustainable society.

  1. *5Includes electricity derived from renewable energy sources that do not produce CO2 emissions and carbon-neutral electricity utilizing certificates equal to renewable energy that does not emit CO2
  2. *6Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.; Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.; Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.