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May 30, 2022

Otsuka and Tokushima Vortis collaborate to support overseas promotion of health through sports activities and regional vitalization in Tokushima

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otsuka) and Japan Professional Football League club Tokushima Vortis Co., Ltd. (Tokushima Vortis) have announced the June 2022 launch of the POCARI SWEAT x TOKUSHIMA VORTIS Football Dream Project, a collaboration between the two organizations.

The joint project will focus on promotion and maintenance of health through sports activities overseas, primarily in Asia and the Middle East, as well as aiming to contribute to Tokushima Prefecture, the birthplace of the Otsuka group of companies. Offering coaching to enhance athletic and football skills and health-related information to promote the fitness of local players, the project will provide opportunities for exchange of human resources on an international scale. It will also contribute to regional vitalization under the Comprehensive Health Promotion Partnership entered into between Otsuka and Tokushima Prefecture.

As the first phase of the project, the POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge will be held in Cambodia. In cooperation with Cambodian League professional football club Angkor Tiger FC, two 14- and 15-year old players chosen in the Angkor Tiger youth selection*1 held in June and July will be invited for an exchange with Tokushima Vortis youth this autumn, contributing to the development of young players affiliated with both football clubs. Otsuka will supply information on nutrition and replenishment of fluids and electrolytes, vital for conditioning during formative years, and provide opportunities to tour Otsuka facilities. In cooperation with Tokushima Prefecture, the Cambodian youths will interact with Tokushima residents during visits to locations of interest and experiences of traditional culture, with news posted on Cambodian SNS, the Tokushima Vortis website, and other appropriate outlets.

According to Mikio Bando, Otsuka Managing Director and Division Chief in charge of emerging countries and OIAA*2, "Aiming to contribute to general good health and promotion of health through sports in Asian and Middle Eastern regions, Otsuka has organized POCARI SWEAT running events and other programs. Now, through soccer-related activities in collaboration with Tokushima Vortis, we hope to contribute to solutions for health-related issues for ever more people."

Tokushima Vortis President Kazuhiro Kishida remarked, "Tokushima Vortis is also very interested in activities outside of Japan, and we are pleased to be able to participate in this joint project with Otsuka and Angkor Tiger FC. I hope that young players affiliated with Tokushima Vortis who host the exchange players will learn new values and ways of thinking through coming in contact with players from overseas, creating opportunities for growth beyond the soccer ground. In addition to development of soccer skills, I would be delighted if young players from Angkor Tiger FC will become ambassadors linking Cambodia and Tokushima through their encounters and experiences here in Tokushima Prefecture."

Tokushima Prefecture Governor Kamon Iizumi commented, "I am very pleased that this project to support soccer players with a future in Cambodia will be hosted here in Tokushima. In addition to sports, Tokushima has pursued exchanges with Cambodia in cultural, educational and other fields, and I expect that this project will serve to further accelerate this trend. I would like extend my appreciation to Tokushima Vortis, Otsuka, and others involved in this project and I pray that their experiences in Tokushima will be a first step for the visiting young players to realize their dreams."

■POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge introductory video

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  1. *1Trials to select players who will be affiliated with the team
  2. *2OIAA: Otsuka International Asia Arab