Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

November 7, 2023

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Granted Silver Certification in PRIDE Index 2023 for LGBTQ+ Initiatives

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otsuka) has been granted silver certification in PRIDE Index 2023, an initiative by the general incorporated association "Work with Pride" that assesses companies' LGBTQ+ efforts.

Otsuka believes a diverse workforce transcending attributes such as nationality, race, age, gender, disability, or sexual orientation can drive innovation and global expansion. Our diversity and inclusion (D&I) approach is centered on leveraging the distinct strengths of each employee, and we have committed to and are focused on championing diversity policies and initiatives as a part of our corporate strategy.

Our LGBTQ+ initiatives form part of our commitment to respect human rights, and we openly convey this message both within our organization and to the public. Additionally, we conduct LGBTQ+ training and company-wide e-learning for all employees, aiming to foster understanding of LGBTQ+ and Allies (individuals who actively support and advocate for LGBTQ+ people) and to cultivate a more inclusive corporate culture conducive to a comfortable working environment.

We have also set up several internal consultation channels for anyone seeking assistance and, commencing in 2023, have implemented an HR policy that acknowledges same-sex partners with partnership certification as spouses and extends the same internal company benefits as opposite-sex partnerships.

As a company in constant pursuit of innovation, we will continue to respect diverse values and proactively advance D&I initiatives to create a workplace that brings out the individual strengths of each employee and allows them to play an active role.

D&I at Otsuka Pharmaceutical

To foster innovative products and services that drive the company's growth, Otsuka recognizes the importance of leveraging the contributions of a diverse workforce. Top management actively promotes D&I, believing it is a key driver for success. In 2007, they established the "Diversity Promotion Project" (now known as the "Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Project"), and today, the project's mission is to create an inclusive working environment for all employees, regardless of their backgrounds.

About the PRIDE Index

The PRIDE Index serves as an assessment framework for LGBTQ+ workplace initiatives. It was instigated by the general incorporated association "Work with Pride." The index evaluates a company's efforts using five key categories: Policy (demonstrated commitment and actions), Representation (engagement with the LGBTQ+ community), Inspiration (awareness-building initiatives), Development (human resources policies and programs), and Engagement/Empowerment (social contributions and external involvement).