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Can I drink Calorie Mate CAN warmed up?

Yes, you can, but first be sure to pour the contents into a container that can be heated. Note that the contents may suddenly and quickly boil over* when heated. Be careful to not burn yourself.
Note that prolonged heating will cause changes to the ingredients and loss of flavor. We do not recommend prolonged heating, nor saving and then reheating contents that were heated once.

  • A phenomenon called an explosive boil in which a beverage or other liquid boils suddenly when heated, causing the content to expand quickly and overflow. Be careful to not overheat the product when heating it in a microwave oven. If you overheat the product, we recommend that you do not take it out right away, but instead allow it to cool down for one to two minutes without opening the door. When heating it on a gas or IH stove, use low heat and stir continuously.

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