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Can the same amount of sugar raise your blood sugar level at different speeds?

There is a difference between the curve of the blood sugar rise caused by a soybean nutrition bar, and glucose

There is a difference in the glycemic response amongst foods that contains the same amount of sugar.
Figure 3 shows the difference in the glycemic response after eating a soybean nutrition bar, and consuming glucose, both of which contain the same amount of sugar.
Compared to glucose, which caused the blood sugar level to rise quickly, the soybean nutrition bar resulted in a moderate rise that was only slightly higher than the level recorded before eating. This indicated that there are foods that have almost no effect on blood sugar levels even if they contain the same amount of carbohydrates as foods that have a significant effect.

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Low GI foods are attracting attention around the world for their effectiveness in preventing obesity and metabolic syndrome

Why did the soybean nutrition bar and glucose cause different results, when they contain the same amount of carbohydrate?

The difference was due to the dietary fiber, fat, protein, and other ingredients in the soybean nutrition bars, which slowed the absorption of sugars and helped maintain a gradual rise in blood sugar level.

Soybeans contain large amounts of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and other ingredients that help maintain health. As a highly nutritious food, in Japan they are referred to as "meat from the field". Internationally, they have attracted the most attention among low GI foods because of their excellent functionality and potential to prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome.