Human resources development and training

Human resources interview system

Staff from the Human Resources Department implement an interview system that involves conducting personal interviews with every employee. These combine self-assessment with listening directly to and following up on employee feedback.

Human resources interview goals

1Assessment of the work environment
Otsuka Pharmaceutical aims to create a safe and secure workplace where employees can make full use of their talents by providing organizational support at both departmental and divisional levels. Issues addressed include workplace harassment and job assignments.
2Assessment of career plans
With increasingly diverse lifestyles and a growing demand for globally minded employees, we encourage staff to take the self-affirming step of articulating their own career plans. This enables us to provide them with the support they need in the form of training, education, and placement, and to ensure that we have the appropriate people in the appropriate places. We also hope that encouraging employees to share their career plans helps them to see Otsuka as a rewarding place to work, which is one of our goals.
3Support for personal well-being
We offer counseling for personal concerns, including those related to the home environment, to help create a work environment in which people can have the peace of mind they need to be able to concentrate on their work.

Self-assessment system

This system encourages employees to report to Human Resources regarding their current work situation, make comments and suggestions about the workplace and sharing their career aspirations. Self-assessment takes place once a year and aims to support further development of employee skills, ensure appropriate placement within the company, and improve the workplace environment.

In-house recruitment

In-house recruitment allows employees to apply for internally advertised roles and projects, allowing the company to satisfy its needs from a pool of applicants. Any employee who meets the criteria can apply directly to the group company posting the job, and is free to move to the new position if it meets the needs of both parties. In addition, we have introduced an in-house Free Agent (FA) that allows employees to independently build their own careers. This in-house recruitment system is open to all employees who work within the Otsuka Group in Japan, and is aimed at improving employee capacity and motivation and promoting exchange between Group companies.

A diverse range of training programs

We conduct ongoing training in a range of areas to boost capacity, technology skills and knowledge as appropriate to the roles and responsibilities of each individual employee. As well as establishing physical locations for the ongoing study of product information and relevant systems and skills, online education options mean employees can access learning resources from anywhere in Japan. The intention is to create an environment that is supportive of ongoing employee development. We also conduct compliance training on a regular basis. Overseas study trips bring employees into direct contact with other cultures to deepen their understanding of diversity, and also educate them about the company's environmental and social activities.

Human Resource Development Institute

Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Human Resource Development Institute is a training facility located in Tokushima that is home to three monuments - the Giant Tomato Tree, the Bent Giant Cedar, and Floating Stones. Designed to challenge preconceptions, they are a physical expression of the Otsuka philosophy of constantly taking on new challenges without being bound by accepted norms. New employees attend the facility for training every year.