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November 6, 2012

Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Abdi İbrahim Established a Joint Venture Company for Pharmaceutical Sales in Turkey

  • Joint Venture, called "Abdi Ibrahim Otsuka Pharmaceutical A.S.", will strengthen the power of Abdi İbrahim in the market and aims to bring innovative pharmaceuticals that have been produced as the result of Otsuka Pharmaceutical's R&D to the Turkish market.
  • Abdi Ibrahim, the leading pharmaceutical company in Turkey, and Otsuka pharmaceutical invests 50% each to establish a joint venture

Tokyo, Japan and Istanbul, Turkey, November 6, 2012 - Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Abdi İbrahim today announced that the companies established a joint venture in Turkey, Abdi Ibrahim Otsuka Pharmaceutical A.S., which is consisting of a 50% investment each from Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Abdi Ibrahim as of October 2012.

Abdi Ibrahim Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company will be marketing in the Turkish market and sell Otsuka Pharmaceutical's innovative drugs that have been produced as the result of Otsuka Pharmaceutical's long years of R&D. In that respect, the new company aims to present many innovative pharmaceuticals in various treatment fields to the service of the Turkish Public in order to serve the well-being in Turkey.

Abdi İbrahim, which continues to make investments to bring its leadership in Turkey to the global arena, has taken a new step in this direction by the establishment of a joint venture with Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

"Today we are very proud to have established a joint company with Otsuka, a company that we have had a strong cooperation with as a licensor for the past 10 years." stated Mr. Nezih Barut, Chairman of Abdi İbrahim following the establishment of the joint venture. "With this new company we will be presenting the Turkish public with the innovative approaches that Otsuka, a leading Japanese company, has in the global pharmaceutical market. I believe that with this partnership we, as Abdi İbrahim, a company that has been continuing to function in the health sector for 100 years with a mission to serve medicine and humanity, have realized our goal to add value to the work we do and our ambition to always invest in the pharmaceutical sector with innovative approaches."
'It is a great pleasure to ally with Abdi Ibrahim, the leading Turkish pharmaceutical company, for the marketing of Otsuka's products.' says Dr. Taro Iwamoto, president and representative director of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 'We shall strive together for the greatest benefit and contentment of the local patients in Turkey, as we collaborate equally in our partnership by sharing our knowledge and experiences over plentiful discussion.'

About Abdi İbrahim

Abdi İbrahim has been working since 1912 with a strong vision, dynamic structure and modern point of view to improve public health. Abdi Ibrahim, the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, is a pharmaceutical company that has created the largest employment opportunity with a work force. Abdi İbrahim that established Turkey's first accredited R&D center. With 150 brands in their portfolio, state of the art production facilities with capacity of 350 million boxes and nearly 30 licensors, they have also carried their success to the international platform by exporting to over 20 countries. Abdi İbrahim, which moves forward with the awareness of sensitivity towards humanity and the environment, signed the Global Compact in 2010 committing to carrying out all functions reliably, transparently and with accountability. By bringing to life the "Rational Medicine Usage Campaign" in their 100th year, Abdi İbrahim aims to raise public awareness about uninformed medicine use that carries significance both in terms of public health and the country's economy and change behavior in this respect for the long term.

About Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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