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November 15, 2017

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Otsuka Pharmaceutical to Become a Sponsor of the 18th Asian Games

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has agreed with the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) to be a sponsor of the 18th Asian Games (Jakarta - Palembang 2018).

Approximately 10,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions participate in the Asian Games, Asia's largest multi-sport event. Otsuka Pharmaceutical has been an official sponsor of four previous Asian Games events. At the 18th Asian Games, Otsuka will support event organizers and conditioning and performance of athletes, supplying them with POCARI SWEAT and SOYJOY.

Photo from left:
Husain Al Musallam, director general & technical director, Olympic Council of Asia
Yoshihiro Bando, president director of PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka

Regarding the sponsorship, Mr. Husain Al Musallam, director general and technical director of the OCA commented, "The OCA is delighted to take part in the signing ceremony with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd for their involvement in next year's Asian Games. POCARI SWEAT is a well-known brand that is respected around the world as a leading sports drink. The OCA is confident that Otsuka's sponsorship through nutraceutical products POCARI SWEAT and SOYJOY will further increase the profile of the Asian Games, while providing healthy refreshment to competing athletes and to millions of spectators."

Otsuka Pharmaceutical senior vice president and general manager, OIAA division*1 Mikio Bando described Otsuka's involvement in Asia: "Otsuka Pharmaceutical entered the Thai market in 1973, and expanded into Taiwan and Indonesia the following year. At present, Otsuka affiliates in Indonesia*2 are engaged in both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals*3 businesses, including production and sale of POCARI SWEAT and sale of SOYJOY. In the nutraceuticals, we are involved in health-related public education campaigns to convey the functional features of our products, leading to increased awareness and understanding in Indonesia and other Asian countries. Through providing products to support athletes and organizers at the Asian Games, we aim to communicate the healthy benefits of Otsuka products and enhance brand value."

Based on our corporate philosophy of 'Otsuka - people creating new products for better health worldwide', Otsuka Pharmaceutical is dedicated to the development of innovative products that contribute to the health of people around the world.

  1. 1Otsuka International Asia Arab Division
  2. 2Otsuka Pharmaceutical affiliates P.T. Otsuka Indonesia and P.T. Amerta Indah Otsuka
  3. 3Nutraceuticals : Nutrition + pharmaceuticals

Overview of Asian Games

Organized by the Olympic Council of Asia, the Asian Games have been held every four years since 1951. Otsuka Pharmaceutical has been an official partner at four competitions: the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand (1998); the 14th Asian Games in Busan, Korea (2002); the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar (2006); and the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea (2014).

International Distribution of POCARI SWEAT

Initially launched in Japan in 1980, POCARI SWEAT is based on the concept of smoothly replenishing ions and fluids lost through perspiration.The first global product launched from Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Japan, overseas distribution began in 1982; POCARI SWEAT is currently available in 20 countries and regions worldwide.


Launched in Japan in 2006, the SOYJOY line has steadily expanded its selection of flavorful nutrition bars, each delivering the equivalent of 35 whole soybeans. Since then we have been offering new ways to enjoy the goodness of soy that match the preferences of different food cultures.

Information in this news release was current as of the original release date.

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