Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

July 2, 2018

Expansion of Overseas Marketing of POCARI SWEAT ION WATER July 2018 Marks Official Launch in Singapore

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Tatsuo Higuchi) has announced the July 1, 2018 official launch of POCARI SWEAT ION WATER in Singapore. POCARI SWEAT ION WATER produced by Indonesian subsidiary P.T. Amerta Indah Otsuka will be sold through local agents in Singapore, adopting the same distribution system developed for POCARI SWEAT. With the debut in Singapore, POCARI SWEAT ION WATER is now available in five overseas markets*1.

20180702_1_01_en.JPGIn keeping with increasing health-consciousness, demand for beverages with lower sugar content is on the rise. The Singapore Government Health Promotion Board has introduced a "Healthier Choice Symbol" (HCS) to identify healthier options for packaged foods and beverages, and POCARI SWEAT ION WATER has been approved to display the HCS designation.

POCARI SWEAT ION WATER is a healthy beverage that offers balanced replenishment of liquid and electrolytes (ions) lost during exercise or everyday activities. Through marketing of POCARI SWEAT ION WATER, Otsuka Pharmaceutical aims to contribute to the health and wellbeing of Singaporeans and will continue to promote awareness of the need for appropriate hydration and electrolyte replenishment in keeping with local cultural and lifestyle differences.


Launched in Japan in 2013 as a hydrating beverage to support everyday conditioning, international sales of POCARI SWEAT ION WATER began in 2014. A refreshing, clean-tasting beverage that is not overly sweet, POCARI SWEAT ION WATER is delicious even at room temperature.


Based on the concept of a 'beverage with an ion content similar to sweat," POCARI SWEAT was launched in Japan in 1980 as a healthy beverage to smoothly replenish liquid and electrolytes (ions), lost through sweating. Introduced in Singapore in 1983, recognition of the health benefits of POCARI SWEAT are indicated by steadily increasing sales.

Positioned as a global product, POCARI SWEAT is now on sale in more than 20 countries and regions, and overseas sales of POCARI SWEAT are comparable to sales in Japan*2.

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