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    New "Run," "Support," "Boost," Program Benefits All Participants

February 19, 2019

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Otsuka Pharmaceutical to Serve as an Official Partner for Tokyo Marathon 2019
New "Run," "Support," "Boost," Program Benefits All Participants


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Tatsuo Higuchi) will serve as an Official Partner for Tokyo Marathon 2019, scheduled to be run on Sunday, March 3, 2019. This year marks the 13th consecutive year of Otsuka Pharmaceutical sponsorship of this major city marathon event.

Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology formulated the Second Sport Basic Plan in 2017, aiming to increase participation in sports by expanding various opportunities to "experience," "watch," and "support" sports with the goal of creating a "society of one hundred million sports enthusiasts." Based on the premises outlined in the Plan, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is partnering with other relevant organizations to support all participants in Asia's largest city marathon with a new program that focuses on "Runners," Supporters," and "Boosters," aiming to contribute to better health through active participation in sports.


Coinciding with the Tokyo Marathon 2019, runners throughout Japan will be able to participate in one of Japan's largest virtual marathons


Organized in partnership with the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, the first ever "ONE TOKYO APP MONTHLY VIRTUAL MARATHON SPECIAL 10K presented by POCARI SWEAT," one of Japan's largest virtual marathons, will be run at the same time as the Tokyo Marathon race.

One of the six largest and best known marathons in the world, Tokyo Marathon enjoys unprecedented popularity in Japan, with applicants exceeding the number of available entry positions by more than 10 times. The Virtual Marathon was conceived to enable runners throughout Japan, including those who failed to earn a spot in the actual Tokyo Marathon, an opportunity to enjoy running in conjunction with the big race. Participating via a dedicated app, runners can take part from anywhere in Japan. Nationwide rankings will be posted for runners who log their 10km run using the Tokyo Marathon Foundation app, and top-ranked participants will be able to win original commemorative items and products to support runners' conditioning.



Date & Time: March 3, 2019 9:10~15:10

Organizer: Tokyo Marathon Foundation  Sponsor: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Event: Virtual Marathon (10km)

How to participate: Tokyo Marathon Foundation's ONE TOKYKO APP is required to participate.

App download and details are available at

Support, Boost

Collaboration with universities for human resources development: Providing opportunities to learn

20190219_1_03en.JPGAiming to contribute to the development of human resources to support sports and sporting organizations, Otsuka Pharmaceutical will collaborate with Aoyama Gakuin University and Nippon Sport Science University to provide students with opportunities to learn through experience as aid station volunteers and/or assisting with operation of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical booth at Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2019. The company's first effort to use Tokyo Marathon activities in an educational scenario, this program targets students with plans to specialize in sports and/or health-related fields.

Development of human resources in sports-related fields is one of the measures set forth in the Second Sport Basic Plan with the goal of increasing the number of people who participate in sports. The Tokyo Marathon is made possible with the support of numerous staff and volunteers. In addition to maintaining the condition of "runners," Otsuka Pharmaceutical aims to work together with "supporters" and "boosters" to make the event a success.

Participating Universities Aoyama Gakuin University; Nippon Sport Science University


Students with plans to specialize in sports and/or health-related fields


• Activities at Otsuka Pharmaceutical booth at Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2019

Assist Otsuka Pharmaceutical employees to provide participating runners and other visitors with explanations about conditioning to support running the full distance and about sports nutrition in general.

• Hydration volunteer activities at on-course aid station

Assist with distribution of POCARI SWEAT to runners at the aid station at the 20km point.

• Booster leader activities

Serve as booster leaders course-side at the 35km point.

Initiatives for Participating Runners

Support for conditioning to enable runners to complete the full distance.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical will once again provide 38,000 Tokyo Marathon runners with products and information to help them start the race in top condition and complete the full distance.

20190219_1_04en.JPG- Items Provided on Race Day

Products will be provided to support runners' condition at appropriate timing throughout the race, from before the start to after the finish line. BODYMAINTÉ Jelly, a food for management of physical condition, will be provided for the first time to support runners' recovery and maintenance after the race.

- Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2019

In addition to providing information about conditioning to help runners complete the full distance, the Otsuka Pharmaceutical booth will introduce related products and offer special commemorative product sets. Participating runners who complete a conditioning check sheet at the booth will receive a gift of an original BODYMAINTÉ reflective band (3,000 units available each day on a first-come basis). Other attractions are planned to appeal to runners and other EXPO visitors.

Dates: Thursday, February 28 - Saturday, March 2, 2019

Venue: Special Odaiba EXPO Site (Odaiba-Aomi Area; N,O,P)

- Runners' Support Website

This year, the focus is on conditioning information. In addition to course maps and vital points for runners, the website will also introduce commemorative product sets and recruit Tokyo Marathon booster volunteers.

- Course-side Boosters

In addition to hydration, electrolytes and nutrition to support optimum condition, Otsuka Pharmaceutical will deploy a squad of boosters to cheer runners along the course. Booster volunteers will receive festive POCARI SWEAT or BODY MAINTÉ items to identify them as Otsuka Pharmaceutical boosters.

Based on our corporate philosophy of 'Otsuka - people creating new products for better health worldwide,' Otsuka Pharmaceutical is dedicated to the development of innovative products that contribute to the health of people worldwide.

Information in this news release was current as of the original release date.

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