Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

September 26, 2019

New Series Expands the SOYJOY Line of Whole Soy Nutrition Bars SOYJOY Scone Bar Plain

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has announced the October 7, 2019 debut of SOYJOY Scone Bar Plain, the first in a new series of SOYJOY brand soy nutrition bars.

Made from whole soybean flour and containing no wheat, previous versions of SOYJOY nutrition bars have featured the texture and flavor of fruits, nuts and other wholesome ingredients. Inspired by the British tradition of teatime scones, the new SOYJOY Scone Bar series aims to provide the delicious flavor and nutrition of whole soy in a simple presentation. The introductory Scone Bar Plain is a high-protein, low GI food. Suggesting the moist texture of a plain scone, accented by coarsely ground soybeans, it has a pleasant subtle sweetness and mellow flavor. SOYJOY Scone Bar Plain offers health-conscious individuals an appealing option for a variety of consumption scenes, such as providing sustenance to get through the afternoon or curbing hunger until the next meal.

Focusing on the potential of soybeans as a highly nutritious source of vegetable protein, Otsuka Pharmaceutical has pioneered new ways for people to enjoy the health benefits of soy. Though increasing health-consciousness has triggered new interest in soy-based foods, changes in dietary habits have actually resulted in a decline in consumption, with averages falling below guidelines calling for daily consumption of at least 100 grams of legumes*1. Among business people who tend to eat dinner at later hours, a healthy snack offers the dual benefits of preventing overeating at dinner and increasing energy and efficiency while working late. With an extensive line-up of flavors and textures, SOYJOY offers a convenient way to enjoy the nutrition of soy, while fostering better eating habits by encouraging appropriate healthy snacking.

  1. 1Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, National Health Promotion Movement in the 21st Century (Healthy Japan 21) (in Japanese)


Launched in 2006, SOYJOY nutrition bars offer a delicious, convenient way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of soy, including protein and soy isoflavones. The selection of low GI SOYJOY snack bars has steadily expanded, with each bar containing the equivalent of approx. 35 whole soybeans. Following the 2016 launch of SOYJOY Crispy, featuring the light and crunchy texture of puffed soy, the new SOYJOY Scone Bar series is yet another delicious interpretation of the SOYJOY concept.

A low-GI food

'GI' stands for 'glycemic index'. A measurement of how carbohydrates in foods affect blood sugar levels, a low-GI indicates gradual absorption of carbohydrates, which is said to offer benefits for weight control. Foods with a glycemic index of 55 or less are considered low-GI. All SOYJOY products are recognized as low-GI foods.

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