Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

September 18, 2020

- Creating a Society that Supports Ongoing Employee Health -
Full-scale launch of "Kenko Shacho" community website connecting corporate leaders

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Makoto Inoue) launched the "Kenko Shacho" (Healthy President) community website conceived to connect corporate leaders who espouse the principles of Kenkokeiei® (Health Management) in February 2020. Providing a variety of information and services to support implementation of health and productivity management, the site is being expanded to enhance services and encourage widespread use, aiming to contribute to workforce health promotion initiatives by connecting local governments, organizations, and corporations.
In conjunction with this expansion, on Wednesday, November 18 the site will host the first online "Kenkokeiei® Seminar" targeting corporate leaders, personnel administrators, and health insurance association officers.


【Background and Objectives】

A health management awareness survey conducted by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in November 2019 indicated that while 85% of respondents are concerned about employee health, only 35% indicated a strong interest in health and productivity management.* Responses also indicated a lack of understanding on where to begin and insufficient expertise regarding implementation of workplace health and productivity initiatives.

Influenced by COVID-19 prevention measures, work styles are undergoing rapid transformation, including introduction of staggered commuting times and promotion of teleworking, and many organizations are increasingly concerned about initiatives to promote the health and welfare of employees.

Corporations are also being encouraged to step up efforts to promote health and productivity management as indicated by announcement of the 2021 launch of the "Bright 500" Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, established by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to recognize the top 500 small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in efforts to advance health and productivity management.

Recognizing the need for easy-to-understand information and suggestions for programs and initiatives that can be easily implemented by organizations seeking to adopt health and productivity management, Otsuka Pharmaceutical launched the "Kenko Shacho" (Healthy President) community website in February 2020. Based on a vision of creating a society that supports ongoing employee health, Otsuka will continue to expand the scope and content of the site, offering support for corporate leaders who are interested in employee health promotion and health and productivity management.

Aiming to foster a society in which everyone practices health promotion, Otsuka Pharmaceutical will identify corporate leaders who show concern and take responsibility for the health of their employees as "Healthy Presidents."

  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Management Awareness Survey
    Survey period: November 21-27, 2019
    Method: Online survey, n=200(including 70% executive level respondents)
    Kenkokeiei® is a registered trademark of nonprofit organization Kenkokeiei.

【Kenko Shacho】


◆Overview of Content and Services


1. Information to support health and productivity management (in cooperation with nonprofit organization Kenkokeiei)
・"Adoption of Health and Productivity Management" as reference for leaders seeking to introduce health and productivity management
・"Interviews with Healthy Presidents" as reference for leaders implementing health and productivity management


2. Case studies of enterprises and organizations engaged in health and productivity management
・Reports on actual initiatives and events

3. Original "Healthy President" content
・ Health- and health and productivity management-related materials available for download
・ Access to "Ikiiki Check" lifestyle diagnosis tool for monitoring health levels of leaders and employees

4.Information on health promotion, community participation, and creation of networks
・ Exchange of information and opinions on various themes related to health and productivity management
・ Ability to create networks for exchange of information and opinions focusing on specific themes


◆Benefits of "Kenko Shacho" (Healthy President) Website Use


*Operated in cooperation with nonprofit organization Kenkokeiei, the website utilizes the results of Otsuka Pharmaceutical research and assets developed through cooperative agreements with local governments and organizations.