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September 10, 2020

Smart Nutrition for New Lifestyles
Announcing SOYJOY Green Tea & Macadamia
Moist Texture Highlights the Mellow Astringency and Savor of Green Tea

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Makoto Inoue) has announced the launch of SOYJOY Green Tea & Macadamia. This new addition to the popular nut flavored selection of SOYJOY brand soy nutrition bars will be launched nationwide in Japan on September 28, 2020.


Focusing on plant-based proteins and other abundant nutrients of soy, Otsuka has been developing new ways to take advantage of these health benefits. SOYJOY is a gluten-free food made of highly nutritious whole soybean flour, incorporating the pleasing texture of fruits and nuts in a variety of flavors.

SOYJOY Green Tea & Macadamia contains green tea, with the addition of highly compatible macadamia nuts and white chocolate resulting in a high-protein bar with a delicious balanced flavor. The moist textured bar highlights the mellow astringency and savor of green tea.

In these uncertain times, large numbers of people staying and working at home face new health issues, with people mentioning "over-eating," "increased snacking," "a loss of muscle tone," "weight gain" and other diet and health-related concerns, indicating increased anxiety and stress caused by lack of exercise and overconsumption of calories.* SOYOJOY is a high-protein, low GI food that offers smart sustenance for lifestyle scenarios reflecting these concerns.

Based on the corporate philosophy of 'Otsuka - people creating new products for better health worldwide,' Otsuka Pharmaceutical continues to contribute to the health and well being of people around the world.

  • Data: Otsuka Pharmaceutical on-line survey; April 2020 n=200

About Low GI Foods

'GI' stands for 'glycemic index,' a measurement of how carbohydrates and sugars in foods affect blood sugar levels. A low GI indicates gradual absorption of carbohydrates, which is said to offer benefits for weight control. Foods with a glycemic index of 55 or less are considered low GI. All SOYJOY products are recognized as low GI foods.


Launched in 2006, SOYJOY nutrition bars offer a delicious, convenient way to enjoy protein, soy isoflavones, and other nutritional benefits of soy. A low GI food containing approximately 35 whole soybeans in each bar, the selection of flavorful SOYJOY snack bars has steadily expanded. In addition to the original line of SOYJOY bars, the SOYJOY Crispy series features the light and crunchy texture of puffed soy, while the SOYJOY Scone Bar offers the moist texture of a plain scone, accented by coarsely ground soybeans.


Product Information

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Product name SOYJOY Green Tea & Macadamia
Product characteristics

・Moist textured bar highlights the mellow astringency and savor of green tea.

・White chocolate and macadamia nuts are blended into green tea dough, for a delicious balance of flavors.

・A high-protein, low GI food; gluten-free

Nutrition (per 30g bar)

Energy: 149kcal, protein: 5.3g, fat: 10.4g (saturated fatty acids: 2.7g, trans fatty acids: 0g), cholesterol: 6-12mg, carbohydrates: 11.2g (sugars: 7.2g, dietary fiber: 4.0g), sodium chloride (salt) equivalent: 0.08-0.18g

Soy isoflavones: 25mg


Soy flour (Japan-processed, non genetically modified), margarine, sugar, eggs, non-digestible dextrin, sweet white bean paste, macadamia nuts, white chocolate (including dairy components), green tea, salt/sorbitol, fragrance, gardenia pigment, safflower pigment

Suggested retail price ¥115 (pre-tax)
Shelf-life 13 months