Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

January 31, 2023

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Installs Solar Power Generation Systems at Takasaki and Tokushima Itano Factories
-Targeting reduction of CO2 emissions-

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otsuka Pharmaceutical) has announced the launch of solar power generation systems at the company's Takasaki and Tokushima Itano Factories. Introduction of these systems is expected to result in an annual reduction of approximately 590 tons of CO2 emissions.

Aiming to achieve targets for carbon neutrality, identified as one of the key material issues addressed in the Otsuka group's environmental goals, Otsuka Pharmaceutical continues to adopt initiatives to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon, sustainable society.

Solar power generation system at Takasaki Factory
Solar power generation system at Tokushima Itano Factory

Having already completed introduction of CO2-free electricity at all 8 manufacturing facilities*1 in Japan, and adopted Green Power Certificates*2 at all offices, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is pursuing further energy efficiencies through installation of solar power generation systems. Beginning with the December 2021 installation of a solar power generation system at the Tokushima Itano Factory's pharmaceutical factory*3, similar systems went into operation at the Takasaki Factory*4 in December 2022 and at the Tokushima Itano Factory's Soylution factory*4 in January 2023.

Solar power generation systems at Otsuka Pharmaceutical factories

Takasaki FactoryTokushima Itano Factory
Pharmaceutical factorySoylution factory
Launch of operations December 2022 December 2021 January 2023
Number of panels 544 panels 408 panels 1056 panels
Estimated generated electricity (2023) 283,000 kwh 851,000 kwh
CO2 Targeted reduction in CO2 emissions (annual) 110 tons 490 tons
Ratio of reduction of factory CO2 emissions attributed to CO2-free electricity + solar-generated electricity 68.1% 78.9%

Initiatives targeting reduction of CO2 emissions implemented to date

・Introduction of CO2-free electricity at all 8 factories*1 in Japan

Since April 2020, all manufacturing activities are powered by CO2-free electricity, derived from renewable energy sources that do not emit CO2.

・Adoption of Green Power Certificates*2

Adoption in 2020 of Green Power Certificates for all offices of five Otsuka group companies*5 in Japan has resulted in replacement of 12,500,000kWh of annual electricity consumption with green power.

  1. *1Tokushima Factory, Second Tokushima Factory, Tokushima Wajiki Factory, Tokushima Itano Factory, Tokushima Mima Factory, Saga Factory, Fukuroi Factory
  2. *2In the Green Power Certificate system, the environmental added value of power produced from renewable energy sources is certified by a third-party certification entity, with Green Power Certificates issued as tradable items.
  3. *3Production of pharmaceutical formulations
  4. *4Production of nutraceutical business products
  5. *5Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc.; Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.; Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.

Carbon neutrality initiatives adopted by the Otsuka group of companies

The Otsuka group of companies has identified carbon neutrality, circular economy, and water neutrality as important areas (materialities) for environmental initiatives. Regarding carbon neutrality, the group has targeted a 50% reduction (compared to 2017) in CO2 emissions by 2028.

To contribute to realization of this goal, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is increasing use of renewable energy through installation of solar power generation systems, introduction of CO2-free electricity, and adoption of other initiatives to maximize energy efficiency.

Reference: Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. Sustainability Mission - Carbon Neutrality