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October 20, 2023

First PET Bottle and Paper Cup Recycling Initiatives for Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otsuka), an official partner of the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 (run on Sunday, October 15) , introduced initiatives to recycle PET bottles and paper cups used at aid stations during the race. Implemented as sustainability activities in collaboration with the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, these initiatives were the first of their kind for the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon.

Sustainability Activities for Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023
Initiatives to promote horizontal "Bottle-to-Bottle" recycling of PET bottles and recycling of paper cups

At the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023, used PET bottles were collected for "Bottle-to-Bottle" resource circulation. PET bottles provided for runners at aid stations were collected and sorted for processing into PET material, which will be used by Otsuka and other beverage manufacturers to produce PET bottles again.
Paper cups used at aid stations were discarded into dedicated collection boxes. The collected paper cups will be processed as recycled paper and used to produce toilet paper.

②Publicity at Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon EXPO 2023

The Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon EXPO 2023 was held on Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14. Sustainability activities were introduced to runners and other visitors to the Otsuka booth, and participants were urged to cooperate with race-day efforts to recycle PET bottles and paper cups.

■Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Support Products


On Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 race day (Sunday, October 15), Otsuka provided Nutraceutical Business products based on scientific evidence to support runners in their efforts to complete the full distance or set new records. POCARI SWEAT was provided for rapid replenishment of electrolytes and fluid at aid stations before the start, along the course, and after the finish. After the finish, BODYMAINTÉ Jelly was also provided to support management of physical condition and recovery.

■Soft Drink Industry Focuses on Resource Circulation with Bottle-to-Bottle Horizontal Recycling

Concerned about limiting use of petroleum-based materials and promoting resource circulation, the soft drink industry*1 is working to develop horizontal Bottle-to-Bottle recycling, in which used PET bottles are reproduced as PET bottles for re-use. In the past, PET bottles discarded by households were recycled as food packaging trays, textiles, and other items, while PET bottles that did not meet the quality requirements for recycling were incinerated.

In recent years, technological innovations have made it possible to create high quality recycled PET resin*2 from used PET bottles, leading to expansion of horizontal Bottle-to-Bottle recycling initiatives.

This technology facilitates reductions in consumption of petroleum-based resources and decreased CO₂ emissions, which are expected to reduce the overall environmental impact of business activities.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Initiatives for a Circular Economy

Defining a Circular Economy as one of the material issues to be addressed by environmental policies, the Otsuka group has established the 2050 Environmental Vision, "Net Zero*3. The Otsuka Group Plastic Policy*4 was formulated with the aim of developing packaging suited for a sustainable society. In collaboration with stakeholders, Otsuka group companies are engaged in an extensive range of environmental initiatives.

In addition to "Bottle-to-Bottle" initiatives, Otsuka is adopting PET bottles made using recycled PET resin, developing lighter packaging, reducing the volume of product packaging materials, offering label-free PET bottles and pursuing other environmentally conscious policies.

Based on the corporate philosophy of 'Otsuka - people creating new products for better health worldwide,' Otsuka Pharmaceutical continues to develop business initiatives to resolve social issues and realize a healthy, sustainable society.

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