Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

October 3, 2023

Introducing InnerSignal SC Rich Cream
- Regulates moisture in the stratum corneum for a higher level of skin care experience -

 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Makoto Inoue) has announced the launch of InnerSignal SC Rich Cream, a new addition to the InnerSignal skin care system. Focusing on stratification of the stratum corneum*1, new InnerSignal SC Rich Cream will be available via the website from October 3, 2023.


New Product Focal Points

①Contains stratum corneum-smoothing ingredient gluconolactone*2, discovered through new technology focusing on chelate science*3.

②Contains Moist Complex, a blend with a unique ratio of immediate and long-acting moisturizers.

③Unique technology achieves a weakly acidic cream*4.
 Gently penetrates skin that has become alkaline due to age, dryness or other factors to promote and protect healthy skin.


 Otsuka believes that skin care with an emphasis on cellular turnover - the skin's power to rejuvenate itself - is the key to maintaining attractive, healthy skin. Ongoing research focusing on healthy skin led to the understanding that age, dryness and other factors can obstruct smooth cellular turnover.

 New InnerSignal SC Rich Cream promotes smooth and supple, fine-textured skin through the three focal points outlined above. As the finishing item of an InnerSignal AMP Skin Care*5 regimen, new SC Rich Cream supports cellular turnover by regulating moisture in the stratum corneum, providing a higher level of skin care experience.

About InnerSignal: The story behind development of InnerSignal


 Focusing on the idea of activating energy metabolism as the key to healthy skin, Otsuka Pharmaceutical pursued proprietary research, examining more than 1,000 varieties of plants and yeasts. In 2004, these efforts led to the development of active medicated ingredient Energy Signal AMP*5, the first ingredient to be approved for effects and efficacy in suppressing accumulation of melanin and preventing blemishes and freckles. InnerSignal skin care products containing Energy Signal AMP stimulate cellular turnover to prevent accumulation of melanin, offering a natural and positive approach to brightening*6.

Cosmedics*7: Otsuka's Unique Concept and Technologies Targeting Healthy Skin

 Otsuka pursues business initiatives based on the corporate philosophy of creating innovative products that contribute to the health and well-being of people worldwide. Established in 1990, the Otsu Skin Care Research Institute is engaged in research and development of skin care products based on the concept of Cosmedics*7, focusing on healthy skin, a vital organ that accounts for approximately 16% of human body weight. This ongoing research has led to the development of three skin care brands, InnerSignal, UL・OS, and Sakuraé.

Product Overview 

Product information website
Official product website in Japanese

Product name (category) InnerSignal SC Rich Cream (Cosmetic)
Content 30g (approx. 1 month supply)

Suggested retail price (pre-tax)

Product characteristics

Rich-textured, highly moisturizing skin care cream

Containing stratum corneum-smoothing ingredient gluconolactone, this highly moisturizing,
 weakly acidic skin cream moisturizes and softens stratum corneum to promote supple, healthy skin

20231003_1_04.pngWhite rose fragrance

How to use Apply as the final step in skin care routine, morning and night

Order of use: Basic AMP Skin Care*5 system


  1. *1The outermost of four skin layers where cellular turnover takes place.
    For facial skin, this layer plays an important role in moisture retention and protective barrier functions.
  2. *2Moisturizer
  3. *3Technology that captures calcium and other metal ions.
  4. *4Skin tends to become alkaline from aging, dryness, daily cleansing and other factors. Alkaline skin has lower moisture retention and barrier function abilities.
  5. To address these problems, Otsuka has succeeded in the elusive goal of creating a weakly acidic skin cream.
  6. *5Skin care products containing medicated active ingredient Energy Signal AMP (Disodium adenosine phosphate OT).
  7. Found in InnerSignal Rejuvenate Extract, Extract Dual, Mask, Lotion, Milk, Cream, ONE, and Clear Up Eyes.
  8. *6Inhibits formation of melanin deposits; prevents dark spots and freckles.
  9. *7Cosmedics: cosmetics + medicine = Otsuka's unique concept for skin health products