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Liver cirrhosis nutritional therapyA therapy for liver disease that you can do at home

Nutritional and exercise therapy

In addition to the low protein diet + BCAA intake discussed here, there are low protein diets to help prevent encephalitis, meals that contain a lot of dietary fiber (such as vegetables and seaweed) to prevent constipation, and sodium-restricted diets to prevent ascites (an accumulation of fluid around the abdomen) and swelling.
Previously, it was thought that bed rest was the best treatment for liver diseases, but recent research recommends that muscle mass should not be allowed to decrease. Muscles are also known as the secondary liver because, like the liver, they function to carry out ammonia detoxification and energy production. Not getting adequate exercise will lead to a decrease in muscle mass, so it is recommended to maintain a healthy light-exercise routine, such as going for regular walks.

Prevention, early detection, and treatment of liver cancer

Of the causes of death from liver cirrhosis, approximately 70% are liver cancer, 20% liver failure, and the remaining 10% gastrointestinal hemorrhages, such as of esophageal varices. To prevent liver cancer developing in hepatitis C patients, the viruses are first destroyed using antivirus oral agents and other treatments.
However, as the disease progresses and becomes chronic, so the risk of developing liver cancer increases. Because of this, it is recommended to regularly undergo diagnostic tests, such as ultrasounds and CT scans, and have tumor markers measured.
If nutritional therapy is practiced on a daily basis, in the event that liver cancer is subsequently detected, the body will be better equipped to undergo and recover from surgery and other necessary treatments.

Consult your doctor, pharmacist, or nutritionist about your daily intake of protein and calories.