26SEP 2013


Pharmavite Awarded AAFP Foundation's Outstanding Service Award

Pharmavite CEO Doug McLean with Jeffrey J. Cain, M.D., FAAFP, Chairman, Board Of Directors American Academy of Family Physicians

Pharmavite began an educational effort with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) more than 10 years ago when it recognized the potential of partnering with a national medical organization with more than 110,000 physicians members. The opportunity was to provide science-based dietary supplement information on the products that were part of the Nature Made brand. The reach of the family physician is broad with, nearly 1 in 4 doctor visits in the United States being made to a family physician.

Four years ago, Pharmavite became a founding partner of a new AAFP education initiative to bring the Nature Made's science based messages to family physicians. Overall support from the AAFP leadership and response from the AAFP membership to the dietary supplement education programs has been overwhelmingly positive.

On September 26, 2013, Doug MacLean, Pharmavite's CEO, accepted the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation's Outstanding Service Award on behalf of Pharmavite at the AAFP Foundation Dinner. It is the Academy's highest recognition for vendors, suppliers and companies that support the medical profession or their employees.

"The depth of this honor is that the nominations are made by the AAFP state chapters, members and staff to the AAFP Board of Directors," said Doug MacLean. "It speaks to the strength of the relationship between our two organizations and our common vision of optimizing health and wellness for individuals, our communities and people around the world."

Pharmavite Team by the Nature Made booth at the opening of AAFP Scientific Assembly (L to R) Diana Alcala, Derek Timm PhD, RD; Louis Ndife PhD, DVM; Sandra Zagorin MS, RD; Sonia Shenoy PhD, RD; Vanessa Hughes, Ashley Ferira PhD, RD; Douglas Jones, Carolyn Sabatini

The 11th year will break new ground with Pharmavite's creation of an initiative called Nature Made Cares About Family Medicine. It is designed to raise funds to support Family Medicine Cares, the AAFP Foundation's humanitarian program to establish new free medical clinics. The initiative encourages physician engagement with and education about dietary supplements with patients.

"The Nature Made Cares About Family Medicine program adds a new dimension to Pharmavite's support of the Foundation's work," said Craig Doane, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at the AAFP. "We know our members place a high value on the humanitarian efforts of the organization, and they consistently request and need patient education materials for their day-to-day practice. The innovative design of this new program allows both goals to be achieved." Nature Made Cares About Family Medicine is a part of Pharmavite's strategic partnership with the AAFP. The partnership allows Nature Made to reach AAFP's physician members with Nature Made brand information and dietary supplement-focused educational materials.