1OCT 2014


Women's International Networking 2014 Supported by Otsuka Europe

(left to right) Carola Siniscalco (PV & QA Manager), Ali Ross (Head of EU Communications), Olivia Dunleavey (HR Business Partner) and Elke Doerner (Human Resources Manager) enjoying the WIN Conference
(left to right) Jo Ferguson (HR Business Partner) and Michela Bigi (HR Manager) celebrate diversity and inclusion during the WIN Conference

Women's International Networking (WIN)

Conference boards (left) drawn by a professional artist

A team of 13 delegates from Otsuka Europe attended the Women's International Networking (WIN) Conference in Berlin from the 1st - 4th October. The Otsuka team joined 750 people from several leading organizations around the world, helping us to imagine what it would be like to work in an environment without diversity and inclusion and asking the question: 'would this be a place that you would like to work?'

It's not just about women, it's about all employees looking at why you come to work every day

WIN was set up to empower and connect both female and male leaders from around the world and to listen to and reflect the desires of the modern workforce and companies of the future. It provides a platform and an environment aimed to help individuals and organizations move forward, realize their potential and focus on each person's contribution.

Diversity will be part of Otsuka Europe's agenda in 2015

(left to right) Monika Wiklund (HR Business Partner) and Heidi McNeill (Marketing Manager - CNS) comparing notes at the WIN Conference

With this in mind Otsuka has sponsored this year's event, which has given us an opportunity to raise our brand awareness in Europe and enable us to use it as a platform for a range of initiatives next year. Hundreds of delegates visited the Otsuka stand, which featured a branded pull-up banner, a TV screen showing the Otsuka 'Globalization' animation, and 750 EU Business Overview brochures were included in the delegate packs.

Ms. Tracey Upton, VP of Human Resources says, "Otsuka is keen to increase its presence in the wellness and diversity arena and saw WIN as an opportunity to gain insight into what other companies are doing."

Otsuka delegates were selected from across the European organization and tasked with speaking to a number of companies to find out how they are embracing diversity within their own business and bring ideas back to Otsuka for debate.

"Otsuka has a culture of inclusion, employing people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Opportunities are given to capable people regardless of their gender, it is how you tackle the challenges that counts. Giving employees the chance to attend an event like WIN reinforces the company's commitment to diversity and key learnings can be cascaded through the organization," says Ms. Ali Ross Head of EU Communications.

Ms. Heidi McNeill, Marketing Manager - CNS shares, "This is an amazing opportunity to engage with inspiring people from different countries and different industries."

During the three day event, delegates had the opportunity to attend workshops, seminars and networking events. Besides Otsuka, exhibitors included brands such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Shell, Unilever and Volvo. Everyone left Berlin feeling energized and ready to develop a plan that will enable us to continue our own journey to remain a company that celebrates diversity.