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CSRBuilding a Low-Carbon Society

In working to build a low-carbon society, all employees work together on company-wide and division-wide energy-saving activities.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical recognizes the importance of global warming as an environmental issue with serious consequences, and endeavors to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also adhere to various industry initiatives and action plans on the environment.
Production and R&D divisions implement on an ongoing basis initiatives for energy conservation, including physical and managerial improvements to manufacturing methods and equipment, indoor temperature control, and lighting. Additionally, the company has adjusted production at plants to reduce peak electricity loads.

Office functions have reduced energy usage by using more efficient lighting, air-conditioning and other equipment and assessing the appropriate amount of energy use for each office.

The divisions will work to further strengthen mid- to long-term action plans and policies.

Performance in FY2016

In Japan
Reduced CO2 emissions by 3% compared to the fiscal-2010 level.*
Outside Japan
Ascertained the CO2 emissions of principal sites.
Started activities to reduce emissions at each site.
  • Due to a change in the company's fiscal year, the period covered by fiscal 2014 is April to December.