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CSRHelping to Create a Sound Material-Cycle Society

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is making efforts to achieve Zero Landfill as part of its activities to promote a sound material-recycle society.

Sound material-cycling societies reduce consumption of the planet's valuable resources and reduce the generation of waste. In order to help build such societies, Otsuka Pharmaceutical endeavors to reduce waste, practicing the principle of the 3Rs (reduce waste generated, reuse waste by using it to make products and parts, and recycle waste as raw materials).

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has established its own zero landfill performance standard designed to ensure a recycling rate of more than 99% and is working hard to achieve this goal.

The company reports its activities and the results of initiatives taken on the production floor and in office facilities to help create a sound material recycling society.

Performance in FY2016

Exceeded goal with a final disposed materials volume of 40 tons (84% less than in 2013). A recycling rate of 99.4% and have achieved Zero Landfill goal.

Recycling rate*2= (Amount of waste recycled + Amount of saleable resources) / (Final disposal volume+ volume recycled + volume of saleable resources) × 100

  1. 2The zero-emissions goal is a percentage of 99% or more.
  • Due to a change in the fiscal year, the period covered by fiscal 2014 is April to December. Office functions exclude general waste from business activities.