Do You Have Symptoms of Dry Eye?

Do You Have These Symptoms?

If you were to get dry eye, you would tend to assume that your eyes would feel dry. However, most dry eye patients actually complain of eye fatigue and eye discomfort, and there are many other associated symptoms. Check whether you have dry eye using this simple Dry Eye Check List.

Test 1

Check those that apply to you.


Test 2

Fill in the number of times you blink in 30 seconds in the box below.
Form a pair with a family member or friend and get your partner to count how many times you blink when you are just looking vacantly ahead in a natural way. Make sure that you are not focusing on the fact that you are being monitored, and that you do not focus on something specific such as the pattern of the wallpaper or counting the number of leaves you can see.

times in 30 seconds


Test 3

How many seconds can you keep your eyes open for without blinking?


Your result

Your score is 0 points.


Total 0 points: It is unlikely you have dry eye.
Total 1 point to 12 points: The closer your score is to 13 points, the higher the possibility that you have dry eye.
Total 13 points or more: You may have dry eye. You should consult a doctor.

Self-Check List: Developed by Kazuo Tsubota, MD., Ph.D., Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, Keio University