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Skin care for menUL・OS

UL・OS is a skin care brand that focuses on skin health for middle-aged men.

Focusing on UV exposure, dryness, and poor hygiene as the causes of skin damage, the UL・OS product line provides total skin care from head to toe, including moisturizer, sunblock, skin wash, refresh sheets, shampoo, and skin whitening care*.

  • Suppresses production of melanin and prevents skin blemishes and freckles

The Power to Change YouInnerSignal

InnerSignal is based on the concept of making 40-year-old skin look half its age.

With the idea that activating the energy metabolism of skin cells is the key to youthful skin, Otsuka pursued unique research by examining over 1,000 varieties of plants and yeasts. These efforts were rewarded in 2004, with the development of the active medicated ingredient Energy Signal AMP*. This was the first ingredient in Japan's skin lightening field to obtain approval for effects and efficacy in suppressing the accumulation of melanin and preventing skin blemishes and freckles.

Preventing accumulation of melanin by stimulating turnover is a natural and positive approach to skin lightening.

  • Disodium adenosine phosphate OT:This ingredient is found in InnerSignal Rejuvenate Extract, Lotion, Milk, Cream, Mask, Clear Up Dual, and Clear Up Eyes.


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