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RehydrationCarefully formulated ion supply drinks

Find out how Otsuka developed ion supply drinks* through scientific research and development. These products are based on the results of Otsuka Pharmaceutical's achievements in the I.V. solutions business.

  • An ion supply drink provides the body with water and electrolytes (sodium ions, etc.) lost while sweating.

Rehydration and the health of people worldwide

Founded in Tokushima in 1921, the Otsuka Group started as a raw chemical materials manufacturer, refining magnesium carbonate from seawater brine. In 1946, Otsuka began its I.V. solutions business, and became a leader in the Japanese market. Using this expertise, Otsuka developed beverages to replenish water and electrolytes (ions), which are essential to keep the body to function correctly, and important for the maintenance and promotion of health.

POCARI SWEAT - A beverage to replenish lost sweat

POCARI SWEAT was created in 1980 based on the concept of a rehydration drink to be consumed after sweating. It was developed through research on the body's water metabolism, and the best formula to replenish the water and electrolytes (ions) lost during perspiration. The aim was to design a beverage that could be easily consumed after activities where people were likely to sweat, such as sports, commuting, working outdoors, taking a hot bath, and even sleeping. The result-an original product based on scientific research, created an entirely new market in Japan. In the 30 years since then, Otsuka has continued its research and accumulated scientific evidence demonstrating its effectiveness. The company also has continued to run awareness campaigns focused on the importance of replenishing water and electrolytes (ions) in various situations throughout the year. This includes information on how to prevent heat stroke in hot environments, as well as ways to rehydrate in dry seasons such as fall and winter.

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The story of POCARI SWEAT

More than 40 years ago, an Otsuka researcher's experience had inspired him to create an easy-to-drink beverage that could supply both the water and nutrients.

The rehydration drink that is now a global brand

After the creation of POCARI SWEAT, the goal has been to convey the importance of rehydration in ways that relate to the unique culture in each market.

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