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RehydrationThe rehydration drink that is now a global brand

As a developer of thoroughly original products, even after the creation of POCARI SWEAT, based on the new concept of a rehydration beverage, Otsuka has continued to carry out research on rehydration in its own research facilities and through cooperation with various institutions. Along with providing its research findings, Otsuka has been engaged in various awareness-building campaigns in Japan, as well as in other countries and regions worldwide. The goal is to convey the importance of rehydration in ways that relate to the unique culture in each market.

POCARI SWEAT is now available in over 20 countries and regions*, and the overseas distribution of POCARI SWEAT ION WATER have begun starting in Taiwan and in Indonesia. Based on our original concept of a beverage for use in situations where people perspire, we will continue promoting POCARI SWEAT in ways that are customized to meet the local needs of people around the world.

Global Reach of POCARI SWEAT

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