Living well with menopause

Relieve menopausal symptoms with exercise

Many women tend to feel less than their best during menopause and may not have the motivation to get out of the house. Light exercise is, however, a great way to ease the symptoms of menopause and to relieve stress.
Female hormones not only regulate menstruation; they also burn fat by consuming calories and help keep bones strong.
The drop in female hormone levels is the reason that women tend to gain weight, develop lifestyle diseases, and get osteoporosis from menopause onwards. Exercise is extremely important for helping prevent these health conditions from arising.

Exercise recommended for menopause:

  • Rhythmical exercises
  • Walking
  • Stretching

It is important to choose an exercise that you enjoy so that you stick with it. Cleaning, or doing other housework, and taking walks are also good forms of exercise.

When exercising, avoid:

  • Putting a lot of strain on your knees
  • Overtaxing yourself

Take it easy. Do not push yourself if you experience pain in your joints or other parts of your body while exercising.