Living well with menopause

Reduce stress and fatigue

Menopause is often also a time in which changes occur in a woman's personal life; in her relationships with her husband and children and in her financial situation. Women who work also tend to accumulate stress associated with societal pressure and work environments, as well. To prevent stress and fatigue from building up, it is important to create a comfortable environment for yourself.

  1. 1Stick with a daily routine
    Sleeping and waking at the same time every day helps establish your own daily rhythm.
  2. 2Get plenty of sleep
    Don't let the stress and strain of one day carry over to the next. Take a long bath and get plenty of sleep each night.
  3. 3Find a way to relieve stress
    Develop a hobby that interests you such as traveling or going to the movies.
  4. 4Find friends or family with whom you can share your true feelings.