Living well with menopause

Foods to focus on during menopause

Soybeans, processed foods made from soybeans, soy supplements

Soybeans are so rich in proteins and minerals that they have long been called the meat of the fields. In addition to high-grade protein, soybeans are also rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid, vitamins and minerals, calcium, dietary fiber, and other nutrients.
Soybeans also contain equol, and isoflavones that are said to function in a similar way as female hormones. Women should be sure to eat processed soybean products like tofu and natto (fermented beans), soymilk and other soy drinks, and soy supplements.

Ingredients contained in soybeans

  • Soy isoflavones
    The isoflavones contained in the soybean germ are an effective way to replenish declining levels of female hormones and help keep women age 40 and over healthy.
  • Equol
    Intestinal bacteria (equol-producing bacteria) work to break down isoflavones in soybeans and produce equol. However, research shows that only 50% of Japanese people and 30% of Westerners have the intestinal bacteria that break down equol from soybean isoflavones. It is important to note that the rest of the population is unable to produce equol.