Living well with menopause

Nutrients that women tend to miss

Certain nutrients are essential for feeling your best during menopause, and also for staying healthy during and after menopause. These nutrients are important for women at all stages of their lives, not only those going through menopause.


Calcium is necessary for the formation of bones and teeth.

Food that contains calcium:
  • Milk, dairy products (cheese, etc.)
  • Small fish (sakura shrimp, dried and fresh sardines, etc.)
  • Soybeans, tofu
  • Vegetables (Japanese mustard leaf, edible chrysanthemums, etc.)
  • Seaweed (hijiki, wakame, konbu, etc.)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D assists calcium absorption from the intestines for the healthy formation of bones.

Food that contains Vitamin D:
  • Fish (sardines, whitebait fish, filefish, monkfish liver, etc.)
  • Roe (salmon roe, etc.)
  • Mushrooms (cloud ear mushrooms, dried shiitake)

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps convert protein to energy and keep the skin and mucous membranes healthy.

Food that contains Vitamin B6:
  • Beef, pork, chicken liver
  • Red fish (tuna, bonito, salmon, etc.)
  • Red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, etc.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps the body produce red blood cells.

Food that contains Vitamin B12:
  • Shellfish (shijimi clams, Manila clams, oysters, etc.)
  • Fish (mackerel pike, sardines, etc.)
  • Beef, pork, chicken liver
  • Quail eggs, etc.

Folic acid

Folic acid helps the body produce red blood cells.

Food that contains folic acid:
  • Chicken, beef pork liver
  • Vegetables (edamame, soybeans, brussels sprouts, spinach, asparagus, etc.)
  • Eggs, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps keep the skin and mucous membranes healthy, as well as functioning as an antioxidant.

Food that contains Vitamin C:
  • Fruits (lemon, acerola, kiwi, strawberries, etc.)
  • Vegetables (red and yellow bell peppers, brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.)

Vitamin E

Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant to prevent fat from oxidizing in the body and keep cells healthy.

Food that contains Vitamin E:
  • Fish (Japanese eel, monkfish liver, etc.)
  • Roe (salmon roe, cod roe, etc.)
  • Vegetables (pumpkin/squash, red bell peppers, etc.)
  • Oil (margarine, etc.), almonds, etc.


Protein is essential for skin elasticity, muscle and body tissue.

Food that contains protein:
  • Non-fatty tuna, beef shank, chicken thigh, etc.
  • Red salmon, tofu, natto, milk, etc.