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SoylutionInterviews with soy experts

Soybean breeder in Vienna

The more research that is done into the soybean plant, the more interesting it seems to become. It was first introduced to Western Europe in Vienna. Find out how it came to be cultivated in Europe, and learn about the research of Johann Vollmann.
Interview date: July 2, 2012
In collaboration with NHK Enterprises, Inc.

Johann Vollmann, Assoc. Prof. BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Over 25 years of research, Vollmann has cultivated as many as 3,000 different genetic varieties of soybean, while contributing to domestic production of edible soybeans in Austria. He is an Associate Professor in Plant Breeding at BOKU University. His main areas of research are in genetic improvement of seed quality for food and non-food uses, and in genetic diversity.

Soy product creator in Europe

When considering how to get a well balanced diet, tofu offers the perfect answer. What needs to be done to make tofu more popular in Europe? We talked with Bernard Storup, who is working on the development and popularization of a wide variety of tofu and soy food products.
Interview date: July 4, 2012
In collaboration with NHK Enterprises, Inc.

Bernard Storup
General Manager, Nutrition & Nature SAS

After becoming an attorney specializing in business law, Storup became interested in organic and other natural food products. He first encountered tofu dishes in the U.S. in the 1970s, and traveled to many different places to learn how to make it himself. Following that, he launched the first tofu and soy business in France catering to the European market, which continues to grow.

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